Security industry in South Africa not paying enough

First of I would like to thank you all for the contribution EFF has made in the South African democracy as the the of this beautiful country that we call home am deeply saddened by the ill treatment of we get from our place of employment. Am 27 years old South African young, am writing this as a plea to the EFF to help us level the playing field in the security industry.

Major complaint I have is how much we are paid and how we get paid. This country has the largest security industry in the world yet we as the people in the industry we are at remote receiving end of all . We are not paid enough and we have nowhere to complain and psira has done nothing to improve the situation. We are constantly threatened if we strike , or to say there is never been a strike in the security industry. EFF please help us to level the playing field and make sure that we are paid on that and companies stop exploiting us. We work long twelve hours for a little pay .

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  1. salute at home,mi cic,mi office at large. Its very bad in saying minister of labour is captured,the ccma itself the labour court satawu all this cooperations with psirra torture our brothers in this sector of economy. So many profident fund companies who cheaats even their fund. Even Sars is included in this abuse not excluding puplic protector who allows this mal admin. Truly this needs goverment opposition to oppose its abovehuman law as lawyers are also captured. Adt security most cruel being controlled by our neighbours zimbabweans as most are owned by them. I support my officer here Please mi cic get involved in this missory. Nna le Mbetha bene Halala Halala Gabasoe,ke magodu mos, Madume ka moshate!Fighter Rasta Ward 92 Jhb kaalfontein,victim

  2. Security industry has seen is a most complicated transitional administration since the birth of democracy, it remain dominated by White Monopoly Capitalists who continues to exploit the black workers as cheap labour forever. The deep root seated problem is that, companies that makes money are not pushing for nor willing to implement transformation either at ownership, or shareholding or even employment better working conditions compliant to the norms and standards enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa. Racism in the industry is galore with impunity since employees are contract work based, smart slaves practice on the expense of hard working black employees endures.

    For things to work, we need a company monitoring change plans, change systems with programs and targets from the regulator inspectorate level, we need a government point plan that will enforce and implement the change beginning with the security service consumer companies. With respect to treatment of employees we need to ensure that all employees benefits are being implemented compliant to the law at a time, If not and with the companies that dodged the law in whatever way like manipulating the Companies Liquidation Laws, thorough investigation should be made and the companies called back to account and recoup benefits back to employees whom many are being robbed.

    Viva EFF Viva!

  3. Tiz true .IRemoved from site am working ter for 4years,by opps manager of security at mercedes Benz cz refused to handle te dog cz we dont have dog am stay home .he not give me site .he refused to retrench me,so what to do ….my number is 0729948209

  4. That is an unfair labour practice, a victimisation, a blatant abuse of management power, actually in law he dismissed you constructively. Fighters in your area can help, contact EFF head office number to help you on what to do as well.

  5. i thanx effet and apsa union that force thé univesity (Unisa) to register US security but de still hav lot of problème, thy pay US little money thé same money that de get from private Campany, thy dont allow US to work extra shift, thy dont pay US sunday, se still earn les than 6000 ,plz eff Côme n fight for US,se suffer its enough

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