SA Christians complain of being “manipulated” into funding Islam by being forced to buy halaal foods #CountryDuty

The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL) Commission has been flooded with letters from Christian consumers complaining that most food and beverages in their supermarkets are certified halaal, with some saying they don’t want to eat or drink anything “sacrificed to idols”.

Christian consumers complain they are forced to buy halaal goods and are “manipulated” into funding Islam.

Some complainants charged that buying halaal-certified foods indirectly forces Christians to adhere to sharia law, pay for the persecution of other Christians in Muslim countries, fund the building of mosques and even contribute financially to terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State and Hamas.

The complaints are being investigated by the commission’s lawyers.

But one halaal-certification body has hit back at the “Islamophobic” claims that it funds terror groups and Christian persecution, slamming them as “untrue, a fabrication” and saying they “should be treated with the contempt they deserve”.

Stats SA figures from 2016 show that South Africa is home to 892 685 Muslims, 43.4 million Christians, 5.9 million people who claim to have no religious affiliation or belief, 2.4 million who follow traditional African religion, 561 268 Hindus, 52 598 atheists, 49 470 Jews and 32 944 agnostics.

The halaal industry is estimated to be worth R45bn and it is estimated that up to 90% of all food products in the country are halaal certified.

A complainant from Laudium, Pretoria, wrote: “My right to purchase groceries according to my own religious beliefs has been violated. The majority of food items available on the shelves are halaal certified … I am deeply offended by the fact that I, as a Christian, don’t have a choice.

“I’ve been eating Kellogg’s Corn Flakes since I was a child, but now I’m forced to eat halaal-certified Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, because that is all that’s available at my supermarket.”

Why are we all being forced into paying a “religious” tax for the sake of 3% of the population?
Almost everything we eat is now certified halal or kosher – at the end of the day 97% of the population are subsidising the religious demands of the 3% – this is not right !!!


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