Opposition parties slam claim of a coup #NationalDayOfAction

Opposition parties have rubbished claims that continued protest action for the removal of President Jacob Zuma is a coup by the British government.

Black First Land First Leader Andile Mngxitama made the comments during a panel discussion saying the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are getting directions from a man called Lord Robin Renwick who is a representative of the Queen.

He says marches calling for the removal of President Zuma are a plot to overthrow the government.

“It is what the Gupta family did to national treasury through Zuma and to the conscience of Andile Mngxitama transforming his spaza shop party in to propaganda machinery for corruption and kleptocracy,” says the EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

The Democratic Alliance’s Mabine Seabe says Mngxitama has sold his soul to the Gupta family and his comments should be rejected by all South Africans who respect the constitution.

“This is someone who has jumped from pillar to post all to get himself a pay check, but ultimately as South Africans this is a movement to ensure that President Jacob Zuma is removed from office so that we can start a project of building a better South Africa because for as long as President Jacob Zuma occupies the union buildings, the people of South Africa will continue to suffer. The poor will get poorer and the chances of the 9 million jobless South Africans finding work will become even harder for as long as Zuma remains in office.“

Source: http://www.sabc.co.za/news/a/329b100040bdbead883df9d9ce9b621f/Opposition-parties-slam-claims-of-a-coup–20170411

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