My father’s living conditions

Good day freedom fighters.

I’m writing here out of desperation to get justice for my father. He has been staying on a farm in Kroonstad under so much oppression and terrible living conditions from 2009. Here’s a little of what happened.

He used to work on a farm, Rietfontein Farm near kroonstad. This one time he had an accident with the farmer’s tractor and he got dismissed on the spot. He left as he was dismissed and wanted to go look for work elsewhere but unfortunately he couldn’t get work anywhere as that farmer already called all the neibouring farms to tell them not hire him but that’s the story to be unpacked on a different occasion. My father stayed and kept on looking for work at other farms a bit further than Rietfontein and while he was busy looking for work, the farmer at Rietfontein took his 4 cows without my father’s permission and sold them then claimed that he was gonna recover the damages of the tractor. He then went a step further to open a case against my father for the damaged tractor but the court ruled out that my father shouldn’t pay for the tractor damages.

After that he refused to return the cows or at least pay the money he claimed he sold the cows for. He claimed that my father must first vacate the farm before he could either return the cows or pay the money which comes from the unlawfully sold cows and my father refused. He came and cut of the electricity supply as well as the water supply and said he was forcing my father to leave the farm. We have previously tried to get help from the legal aid board, the human rights commission but up to this day we are sitting with the same problem. If there’s anyone out there that can offer assistance or knows someone that can, please contact me Thembile Dunjana on 0832961276 or my father Pitso Dunjana at 0827042912. This has affected me and my family so badly as we now don’t know what else to do.

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