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Mr Julius Malema,Mr Dali Mphofu and EFF members. I,m a 54 year old white South African woman. I,ve followed your career with all kinds of mixed feelings through the years and you and Dali have surprised ,shocked in all sorts of ways but all politics have interest me greatly all my life i,m so glad we have your party in the midst,breaking records fìrst election campaigning with your delightful energy the truth ,the no nonsence overhauls and the unity your party embraces with it voting for your coalition parties because its right not because its party policy .bravo, (what i feels is the weak link in the ANC,how can the party give us freedom of speech but deny it own party that right hehe.)OG.

my real admiration started with mr Gareth Cliff he liked you why.i paid closer attention,dali defends him dali all over the courts in all sorts of constitutional battles against wrong,
Well done all over the place RedBerets demandig action in all sorts of attention grabbing ways.mass marches with all south africans. No Rioting,No stealing no xenophobic incidents. I really really like your party but Julius is my fave blunt witty back the money gets 3rd, the whiskey and the wet pants get 2nd Dudezaans mother and father 1st………but NEW best of all best. Re people magazine, being mary jane. Quote…….i,ve seen a lot of people smoke weed and read,no problem, but i,ve never seen them drink and read anything…well (giggle) please please never lose your FIRE.. yours in anticipation mamkoposi ( ethnic ) Cheryl hawkins

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  1. Good day
    My name is Jabu Mahlangu I work as call centre agent for Metropolitan Health in Braamfontein since May 2014. I have been paid almost the same salary since then while other fellow colleagues in certain companies doing the same thing we do theirs have been escalating. The thing is we are not allowed to affiliate in any union it is said that we are in a health sector so we just have representatives who just go along with everything that is being said by management. Below is the screen shot of the latest salary reviews for call centre agent/operators.

  2. EFF i believe is a marxist. lenninist. van-nonian revolutionary organisation. An organisation for all south african ppl. I would like to see Eff for 2018 tackle tough issues and not just engage in populist rhetoric as a tool to build political hedgemony. The minimum wage and the concept of economic freedom for all should should be its priority agenda fr 2018. As south african ppl cheap talk is not going to empower our poor masses and unify sa in strength as an economic giant in africa. Long Live CIC

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