Maritzburg College Slammed By Education Department For Its Handling Of K-Word Incident #MaritzCollege

Basic education department spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga said Maritzburg College management did not properly handle an incident where a white prefect allegedly called a black pupil the k-word. #MaritzCollege

Mhlanga was speaking to Stephen Grootes on Talk Radio 702 on Monday morning. According to Mhlanga, the incident led to three boys coming to school with hand-painted T-shirts with the message, “EFF‚ our last hope of getting our land back”.

“The matter is connected to that previous case [which] was not adequately dealt [with],” he said.

The white student was given two weeks’ community services as punishment for his utterances.

“That is exactly the problem and that is why these learners were aggrieved by that incident… they were not satisfied… and they felt they would use their last day to express themselves in the way that they did,” he said.

Maritzburg College charged the three matriculants with acting in violation the Schools Act, but the charges have since been dropped.

Mhlanga said that the school’s timing was insensitive and that there had been no consideration for the pupils.

“They are writing exams and that is our major concern. The school did not think about protecting the interests of the learners… by not subjecting them to mental stress at this time,” Mhlanga said.

The leadership of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has fully supported the boys, with the party urging the school to drop the charges when the news broke last week.

The party has also released a statement expressing its “unconditional support” for the learners.

“In our democracy‚ there is no bylaw‚ rule or school code of conduct that must be inconsistent with our supreme law of the land‚ the Constitution,” the party said in a statement.

“The young men have not killed anyone‚ stolen anything or caused any physical harm. They have simply expressed an idea and by suppressing them‚ the school is not only anti-intellectual, but also scared of the truth,” the party said.


One thought on “Maritzburg College Slammed By Education Department For Its Handling Of K-Word Incident #MaritzCollege

  1. That is the character of the so called “predominantly” white schools, white management teachers are in comfort against anything African they do not like. For too long ANC masters has protected this comfort zone. It is happening everywhere in South Africa schools from Basic primary schools to universities.

    The boys are brave, I want to believe we all salute them, lets take power in 2019. EFF showed many a times it does not leave Africans in their fight against colonialist criminals and ANC government that wake up daily tirelessly to protect White Masters on the expense of Africans future.

    Viva EFF Viva! Viva young Fighters Viva!

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