Malema: ‘Farmers Will NOT Lose Their Land’, but ‘idle’ land must be redistributed

As the debate over expropriation without compensation continues, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema said on Wednesday that farmers should continue to work their land “uninterrupted”, but that those parts that are lying idle must be redistributed by the state”.

Malema also emphasised that there was no turning back on their call for the state to own all the land in the country.

He was answering questions by journalists outside of the party’s public health care campaign launch at Chris Hani Baragwanath hospital in Soweto.

On Tuesday, the EFF was victorious when the majority of MPs in the National Assembly supported their motion for the amendment of the Constitution to allow expropriation without compensation.

The motion was supported by the ANC, IFP, NFP, UDM, Agang, AIC and APC, but was rejected by the DA, Cope and FF.

“If you are a farmer and you have lost ownership of the land to the state, then the portion of the farm you are using to produce whatever you are producing should continue uninterrupted, [but] idling parts of the farm …should be relocated to someone else who will use it for production,” Malema said on Wednesday.

Malema claimed that huge portions of land currently under white ownership, was standing fallow and farmers were keeping it just to “brag” about the hectares they own.

According to Malema’s explanation, black people will also not own land.

“We must all be allocated land, you can’t sell it. You can’t come tomorrow and say I have sold my piece of land. If you don’t want it, you must go back to government and say I am leaving this place and you can take that which belongs to you and the government will reallocate it to someone else,” he said.

The EFF commander-in-chief said South Africans should not pay rent on the land they are working. However, Malema said only corporates and foreign investors should pay rent to the state.

“A lot of land remains idle, you don’t need stats to know. Just go to Stellenbosch, which is owned by white people. It is just idling land.

“The ownership patterns are going to be affected by the fact that now government owns land, no one will be arrogant on the bases of ownership of land,” Malema said.

He said, once all land is declared to the state, those previously disadvantaged can be prioritised for redistribution.

“It is not an issue that will cause a nightmare. It will be dealt with within the confines of the Constitution,” he said.


One thought on “Malema: ‘Farmers Will NOT Lose Their Land’, but ‘idle’ land must be redistributed

  1. Dear Mr Malema,

    I am 33 years old and I have never utilised my constitutional right to vote in this country.

    The rich (white minority) has truly left us stripped of our dignity and we struggle everyday in life with no hope to its end. Looking at our politicians and how they continued to allow this inhumane practice by the rich, left me with no choice but to look at politicians in the same way as I would look at the rich offspring of the colonialist who super imposed their will, in an inhumane and violent manner on our people, decades ago.

    We must suffer in trying to obtain a loan from a bank, working at the mercy of the rich, paying us “peanuts”, trying to pay for land we already own. The rich, up until today, still continues to bask in they glory of their barbaric history. This is truly an insult to all South African People. Anybody who conducts themselves or entertains this type of conduct any further, should just pack their bags and leave our country, because such people are not truly South African. They are just wolves in sheep clothing.

    Empty threats of a bankrupt economy are made just to perpetuate the interest of rich.

    Today Mr Malema, Commander in Chief of the EFF, I will give you my vote.
    You will be the first politician I vote for in my own country.

    God Bless,

    Your Comrade – Darren

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