Malema attacks eNCA, says channel’s policy is to “promote white supremacy

Say what you want about the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) but Julius Malema and co have leapt ahead of the ANC on all things land expropriation. With threats to the DA also making waves, the party is in the headlines more than ever before. On Monday, though, Malema started off the week by going after the news channel, eNCA.

While the main attack came on Monday, the EFF leader initially took to Twitter on Sunday to express his concern with the SABC “becoming an eNCA lite”. According to Malema, there was “no doubt” that eNCA perpetuates white supremacy.

The tweets immediately triggered huge debate, which eNCA says resulted in their journalists receiving threats. The channel’s Managing Director and Editor-In-Chief, Mapi Mhlangu published an editorial denouncing Malema’s comments According to her, the allegations are “disturbing”.

“This accusation is disturbing given the values at the core of eNCA’s journalism over the last decade. Despite our relatively small size as a news organisation, we have consistently dedicated our limited resources to stories which have put justice, equality and human rights at the centre of our news, in line with our insistence that we offer news without fear or favour.”

Mhlangu also took the time to clarify that contrary to popular belief, eNCA’s largest shareholder is a black empowerment company, Hosken Consolidated Investments.

Malema didn’t seem to take too kindly to Mhlangu’s editorial at all. He issued new attacks and this time went even further: saying eNCA is pushing an “anti-black” agenda.


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