Listen to PowerFM interview with Julius Malema – 8 March 2018 #POWERPerspective #MalemaOnPower #RegisterToVoteEFF #LandExpropriation

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2 Replies to “Listen to PowerFM interview with Julius Malema – 8 March 2018 #POWERPerspective #MalemaOnPower #RegisterToVoteEFF #LandExpropriation”

  1. The political party which is going to remain as a “Legacy” for All Africans, The Original Black People and the entire Universe to respect and admire is that political party within Africa that is going to establish the most successful ties, relationship and partnership with the descendants of those taken out of Africa against their wishes as Slaves into the Americas, West Indies and everywhere outside Africa. This political party will realize and design a God’s “Anointed” Plan that is going to willing and purposefully attract and bring back home the lost sheep of Jahovia’s Flock. Bring them back home to graze the pasture that flows with Milk and Honey…Africa.
    These once rejected people are going to be the same ones to “Save” Africa and its people from those who came to kill, steal and destroy. This is going to happen for real, and no one, no country can ever stop this prophecy from happening. Is this party going to be EFF? Time will tell, and it is going to tell quite soon.
    The Scripture Prophecy must fulfil itself.
    Africa has no future without the forgiveness, involvement and contributions of the Children of those forcefully taken away from the continent and sold as Slaves….”The Stone the builder refused…Shall become The Head Corner Stone”….Simply take it or leave it alone.

  2. In rural areas I only beleave in you guys, we need change…so please come teach our people about change. They only think that since they have electricity nothing else government should do for them. Although we have no access roads, water, toilets and good shelter to live. I wish one day you can visit our places in rural areas, especially Mnywaneni, in Donnybrook under Ixopo KZN.

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