Julius Malema: When EFF takes over, state will own all land

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says that the laws surrounding property ownership need to change to promote a more inclusive economy.

At a South African Property Owners Association conference in Cape Town on Wednesday, Malema said that some delegates were beneficiaries of apartheid.

At the start of his speech, Malema joked that he was shocked to have received an invite to speak at the event.

From the outset, Malema stuck to the event’s theme of disruption, telling property owners they were beneficiaries of the post-apartheid order where those without property were further oppressed.

He boldly stated that when the EFF takes over leadership of the country, it will ensure that the state owns all the land, “because the willing buyer, willing seller approach” has failed.

Malema added that every piece of land in the country needed to be used and should have a defined purpose.

The EFF leader also called on banks to give preference to black people who want to buy property.

He told delegates that they mustn’t be sensitive to the truth as “there is no ignoring the landlessness of black people”.

He said that colonialism and apartheid disrupted property relations of “the native population”.

Malema urged property owners to invest in his party to further its fight against corruption.

He also criticised the ANC and said: “If the criminal syndicate is not removed from political power, the country will enter a permanent economic depression.”

Source: http://ewn.co.za/2017/06/22/malema-when-eff-takes-over-state-will-own-all-land

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