Julias Malema: Meet revolutionary Kenyan youths love, inspires Babu Owino

Julius Malema

Kenyan youths and aspiring politicians love Julias Malema in spite of the fact that he is South African.

Several publications have referred to him as the bad boy of South African politics.

His blunt speeches and parliamentary antics are legendary stuff in Kenya.

It is not surprising to find a group of youths enthusiastically discussing a YouTube video of Malema and openly professing their admiration for him.

”I love him because, unlike other politicians, he comes across as very honest. He stands out,” Peter Onyango, a student, says.

Many call him the Babu Owino of South Africa.

The Embakasi East MP considers the bad boy of South Africa’s politics as an inspiration.

In fact, he has been sharing videos of Hon. Malema on his Facebook page.

Scores of people might want, out of ignorance, to dismiss him as a foul-mouthed political operator, a canon for hire, but nothing can be farther from the truth.

You acquaint yourself with Malema’s life’s trajectory and your reservations about his intentions are dispelled.

He rose through the ranks to become the president of the youth league of South Africa’s governing party, the African National Congress.

But due to his principled, unrelenting stance on an array of issues he fell out with the party’s top brass, ending his relationship with ANC in acrimony.

His removal was engineered by President Jacob Zuma’s tightly-knit inner circle.

But if Zuma thought that he had dimmed Malema’s political star, a rude awakening was just in the corner.

Malema quickly formed the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Party in 2013 whose message quickly resonated with a huge segment of the South African populace.

As we speak, the EFF share of parliament hovers around 11%, no mean feat for a party that was formed the other day compared to ANC which has been in existence since South Africa pre-colonial era.

You see, politics must be about elevating difficult conversations to the national agenda and standing up for something even when the going gets tough.

He has taken head-on the powers that be and consigned then to absolute oblivion.

Ask South Africa’s most-caricatured president Jacob Zuma.

He knows too well what crossing swords with Malema mean.

Zuma resigned after coming under too much pressure but Malema is adamant that he must rot in jail for betraying a generational struggle.

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