Joining EFF in Kwa-Zulu Natal

I am Lungani Manzi from Kwa-Zulu Natal and I am 24 years old. What I want to know and understand is, what is the first step when you want to join EFF in KZN?
I will be happy if I get a response soon!

11 thoughts on “Joining EFF in Kwa-Zulu Natal

  1. There is an office of the organization at Pietermaritzburg opposite pick and pay there is a driving school called nondaba driving school in the same building second floor

  2. EFF in KZN lets fight Fighters we need to move from the fact that if we are not ANC we will not get houses jobs tenders etc vele we not getting only close friend are having it good

  3. I am residing at kwamashu,I need to join the EFF movement. where are the nearest offices for me or people who I can associate myself with?

  4. Hi. Please I also need your help guys, I’m in Donnybrook, under Ixopo, KZN. We live like animals in that place, we have no access road, no water and toilets. But we voting all the time. And Coloured people who we stay with are so abusive… Please help us, they cut our fence to make their livestock pass in our yard.

  5. Hi I’m Simon Mshengu living at KZN by Mtubatuba town i was working fir Chrome carries transport company and morthan 140 drivers was dismissed unfairly on the 22/05/2081 it was the reconciliation day at NBC by Nortwest and refused to give our job back with the benefits of unfairdismisal. As Chrome carries drivers we are asking for Advocate Dali Mpofu help to challenge the employer at labour cot. Thank you.

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