It’s not up to ANC to remove me from office, says Herman Mashaba

Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba said on Wednesday that it was up to the councillors, not the opposition African National Congress (ANC), to remove him from the office he has occupied for just over a year.

This comes as the ANC in Johannesburg resolved to move another no confidence motion against Mashaba and speaker Vasco da Gama, for alleged financial mismanagement, in the two-day council sitting that began on Wednesday.

Speaking on the sidelines of the last council sitting of the year, Mashaba said he was not afraid.

“I was elected by 52 percent of council members to lead the City, and that has always been the position. My standing and existence and continuation to be the executive mayor is dependent on the 52 percent of those councillors. It’s not up to me. I did not impose myself to be the executive mayor of the City of Joburg.

“I will therefore wait for this motion to be presented tomorrow. It’s the last item on the agenda and it is so frivolous. It will give us first the opportunity to deal with business of government. I will leave it up to the 52 percent of the councillors to decide whether they are still happy with me or not. It’s not up to the ANC as you are aware they voted against me being mayor and they have always been determined from day one to remove me from office. Fortunately I am not really serving at the behest f the ANC.”

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) threatened to make “some party cry” at Thursday’s vote against Mashaba and Da Gama after party leader Julius Malema last week publicly said they regretted voting Mashaba into power.

Mashaba said he was not comfortable talking about the DA’s relationship with the EFF in Joburg while EFF chief whip Kgabo Hlonyane declined to comment.

Mashaba, a Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor, became mayor of Johannesburg in August last year following a coalition agreement between smaller parties to oust the ANC from power after the local government elections.

Mashaba has been on a drive to root out corruption and crime in the City. He has not been shy to remove tainted senior officials at key entities and review some contracts entered into by the City’s former administration under the ANC.


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