Illiterate corrupt hospital CEO

I’m concerned about Doris Goodwin MDR TB hospital CEO who’s corrupt to the core. He has only a matric certificate and has employed his sister and two nephews through nepotism. He faked his position while government was absorbing SANTA NGO employees, apparently he was a salary clerk and promoted himself to CEO while SANTA was being taken over by government. There’s a lot of corrupt activities happening in this small hospital in KZN uMgungundlovu district Piermaritzburg. Plz help fighters to stop the scourge of corruption in our country.

One thought on “Illiterate corrupt hospital CEO

  1. I would like EFF to investigate Dr Diba (clinical manager) of Senorita Ntlabathi district hospital in Ladybrand (free state)
    He is a chairperson of one of the ANC branches in the free state
    1 his post was not advertised & the were more senior doctors dan him,suitable 4 the post
    2 in the last 3 years he hasn’t done any clinical work (he doesn’t attend to patient),if he is on call he never come to attend to patients,he will be unreachable on his phone
    3 he is always attending anc meetings,his almost always absent from work
    4 he controls supply chain & hospital tenders are awarded to his anc friends & his family members
    5 anyone who challenges him,he forces them to resign
    6 the hospital is falling apart because they don’t buy what is needed,dey order useless things just to create tenders for his friends

    Can anyone please investigate

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