Gauteng EFF seeking review of Mduduzi Manana’s sentence?

The Gauteng Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it wants to consult its legal team to check if the judgement against former deputy Higher Education Minister Mduduzi Manana can be reviewed.

Magistrate Ramsamy Reddy told the court that he had taken into consideration the seriousness of the crime and the fact that Manana had shown remorse.

Reddy sentenced him to either a year imprisonment or to pay a R100,000 fine by noon on Tuesday for beating three women at a Johannesburg restaurant.

A video of the assault went viral, prompting calls for a harsh punishment.

African National Congress (ANC) supporters celebrated the sentencing on Monday, saying that they were happy that Manana was not going to spend time in prison.

However, the EFF’s Mandisa Mashigo says that they are disappointed at this reaction.

“I hope that the ANC, maybe in a moment of weakness, can have some kind of morality and disown this action by their followers to come and celebrate with the perpetrator.”

Reddy said during the ruling that while an example needed to be set, mercy also needed to be shown.

“It is also accepted that the sentence which is to be imposed should be blended with mercy because mercy is an element of justice.”

The EFF says if reviewing the ruling isn’t feasible, it will partner with organisations against women abuse to hold demonstrations.


2 thoughts on “Gauteng EFF seeking review of Mduduzi Manana’s sentence?

  1. Does magistrate Ramsamy Reddy knowt that the victims should also be shown mercy. He should have made this criminal pay compensation to the victims. How is it that the law does not show mercy to ordinary citizens but only to
    ANC politicians?

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