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  1. I am from Observatory in Johannesburg, and would like to know what transport are leaving from Johannesburg to Thermbisa on Saturday 22 Feb 2014

  2. I think we are dropping momentum as more people want to join the organisation as card carrying members but do not know how, where, whom to contact. yes we have done well in the election but more work hard work on the ground must begin as soon as possible to prepare for 2016 local government elections. We must start now to consolidate our support.

  3. i believe now is the time to establish all the branches and so we can celabrate after winning the local elections amandla fighters.

    1. congratulations to our Commander in Chief and his lieutenants for making it to the history books by taking an oath to serve our beautiful country in Parliament. Your dreams and hopes are our dreams and hope too. Serve with pride and honour and may God bless you!

      ATTENTION: All those fighters who voted for Economic Freedom in the election but do not have membership cards, PLEASE contact your local conveners in your regions as soon as possible to make your support formal. For us who have internet platform let’s help those who don’t to spread the message to drive our campaign to get Freedom Fighters to register as members. VIVA EFF, VIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations EFF u now in by democratically elected, now you need to work very hard. I am not a card caring member but I will be one by the time this message is read.
    Hopefully EFF was never formed to fade in five years to come like those we all know.
    We need to strategies and formed a very strong foundation as early as now because we have majority of “Free Born” who needs to be nurtured well for them to be well informed future leaders of this organization.
    I will not share it here but will do that in our branch meetings where it needs to be done.
    I am an ex trade unionist with one of the NACTU unions and we make good strategies to ensure unity of communities to formed strong foundations to tackle workplace and community challenges without running away from this country.
    TODAY all our EFFORTS our MESSED up and I believe EFF is the SOLUTION to save the people. This organization should not be ANC with another name. When is the next branch meeting in Palm ridge?
    This organization must win local elections and we must not waste time!!!

  5. Our commander in Chief will hear whether there are legal grounds to make his sequestration order made final or whether it is just a political conspiracy to litter his career with doubts and obstacles. Those who are praying to have him sequestrated must know that it will not happen and if it happens it will only bolster our resolve to support him to the end. I know with the prayers of the fighters and support he will beat the odds and the court will clear him. Regret that nobody has shown up outside court yet. Let us go now and show him support in large numbers.

  6. are the times that serious that we cant tell a joke unfunny as it may be then again poverty is not a funny issue.

  7. Fighters I am originally from Empangeni but I work at Dundee. my main concern here is that I need people around Dundee,Glencore,Dannhauser,Nquthu,Uitrecht,Ladysmith and Newcastle who needs a support interms of mobilising people to open branches. I am in Dundeee but originally frm empangeni so the main thing for me is to help the party open as many branches as it can before the local gov elections next year. or if any existing branch in these areas can invite me in their getherings

  8. you people of Azania you must recall where do we come from, that means the agendar of the eff is beyond these people who thought a revolution is to proctect these individuals who are looting state resources because you are benefiting on that you keep having non-sense comments,here we facing a battle of having 13percent of land, having 5percent of wealth, 87percent of land white minority belonging, 95percent wealth is in their hands why? ask your self if you are an African.

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