Eskom Rotek Industries will be terminating 2900 employees

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We have just been told that Eskom Rotek Industries will be terminating 2900 employees on the 26th of April 2018. Management knew about this months ago but they are only informing us about this today the 18th of April 2018. All they tell us is that they are “sorry”. They could be fired for talking about this while we are not going to have jobs by month end because one person that resigned made a bad decision. 2900 family will suffer because of one person. All they say is that they are sorry. Comrades please intervene. Please help us!


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  1. This is absolutely true! Management is trying to hide it & are lying to the people. There will be much more than 2900 people losing their jobs. 5000+ temporary employees through labour brokers will be terminated on 30 April. These are people that they have refused to employ but have been working through labour bokers for years at Rotek and Roshcon.

  2. So is Telkom SOC Ltd or should i say Telkom the subsidiary of Business Connexion(BCX).

    In the next batch of “planned” redundancies they are retrenching a further 9000 plus across the board. They will announce it shortly. Its a sinister trend, please look into how white companies are infiltrating board decisions by fronting with the very black CEO’s in parastatals who are turning a blind eye to white corruption in the search for a better bottom line at the expense of the workers.
    Horror stories are emerging at Telkom where employees are not being paid monthly salaries due to them, some are pregnant women who are paid entry level wages and have nothing at the end of the month to even buy food.
    When BCX was acquired by Telkom on paper it seemed like an acquisition that would benefit the business element of Telkom, instead it was more a reverse acquisition, BCX calls the shots, BCX splits Telkom into 4 business units as profit centres, eliminates their wage bill at the expense of the workers, does everything to force employees to voluntarily take retrenchment packages and rehires the workers as contractors via labour brokers who then make them work under the craziest conditions in order to make profit.
    Telkom closes all major training centres, whose feeders were TVET and some special vocational schools.
    Thats why Telkom has the worst service levels in the world as Telecomms company, (this is on wikipedia),the staff morale on the ground is low, but profitability is up,coz of the monopoly they enjoy.
    Telkom and all the other parastatals were never created to make super profits, they were created to serve South African citizens with basic services thats why they were mostly termed commissions and not companies,they were seed funded by the IDC, and more importantly they were created to solve the poor white problem of the 70’s and early 80’s.
    Operationally Telkom does not replace stolen copper cables as a rule now, because it says it cannot afford to keep replacing cables, on whose mandate? So the township will only see effective fibre roll out in 2020. We have businesses that operate in townships that do not have landlines because Telkom refuses to roll out new technology or replace old technology as a rule!
    Fibre Broadband is only marketed as a rule to white gated communities, independent dealers are recruited to sell to only white communities, chances are the dealers will be white. Call anyone at Telkom head office today and see if you can get even a senior manager to speak to. No one at Telkom knows anything, instead those who can speak up refer you to BCX. And this Telkom is meant to be a public company that belongs to all of us.
    In closing look at the trends and connect the dots, Telkom, Eskom including Rotek industries, SAA and Transnet will follow soon enough. Who was the Chair at Telkom when BCX was bought, where is he now?

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