EFF wants Mcebisi Jonas as next Nelson Mandela Bay mayor


Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will only vote with the African National Congress (ANC) in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro if they put forward Mcebisi Jonas or someone similar in character as a mayoral candidate.

This comes after the DA, COPE and ACDP voted against EFF leader; Julius Malema’s tabled motion for the amendment of the Constitution on the matter of the expropriation of land without compensation

The motion received overwhelming support from ANC and EFF MPs and was passed with 241 votes in favour versus 83 votes against.

The EFF is now preparing to put forward a motion of no confidence in the current Nelson Mandela Bay mayor, Athol Trollip, following the DA’s refusal to vote for the amendment of the Constitution.

The EFF has now said they will support an ANC candidate only if that candidate is the former deputy minister of finance Jonas or “anyone closer to him in character”.

EFF Spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said that they would scrutinise the candidate and would only vote with the ANC if that candidate meets their standards which they have aligned with Jonas’ character.

He said Jonas was against corruption as “he refused R600-million from the Guptas” and ultimately “rejecting state capture”.

Source: https://www.sowetanlive.co.za/news/south-africa/2018-03-01-eff-wants-mcebisi-jonas-as-next-nelson-mandela-bay-mayor/

One thought on “EFF wants Mcebisi Jonas as next Nelson Mandela Bay mayor

  1. I was shocked when I heared our Commander in Chief’s proposed move to vote with the ANC to oust the DA as the leader of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. This morning I had a chat with three of the fellow fighters ‘supporters’ regarding this proposed move. I was not surprised to discover that we share the same view on this matter. They were also exasperated by this matter.

    Here is how we view this move by our leadership. We have worked very hard to get the ANC where they are right now ‘on the brink of losing power’. It is an undisputable fact that this was achieved mainly through the votes of the ordinary South Africans who had hope and faith in our top leadership ‘The EFF national leadership’. It is deeply depressing to discover that just as we expect our party to finish off the process of collapsing the corrupt ANC, it then gives the same ANC a fresh breath of life by helping bringing it back to power. Where does this leave us as supporters and what impact does this proposed move have on our confidence in the EFF going forward. As far as I am concerned, these are the biggest questions that may determine the growth or (the shrinking) of the overall support of the party going forward.

    As the Commander in Chief has put it to the media. The move is aimed at rewarding the ANC for supporting the amendment of the constitution to allow the expropriation of land without compesation. While we gladly and unconditionally accept the plan to return the land to its rightful owners without compensation, we strongly believe that the ANC is not doing us any favour by playing a role in aiding this process. We believe that nobody should be rewarded for bringing back to us what rightfully belongs to us. I doubt if our top leadership is aware of the implications this proposed move has on the party in general. To could mean to some supporters that the EFF is giving in to the ANC, it could mean that the EFF goes around rewarding other parties at the expense of their votes, it could mean that the EFF has genegated from their original policies and now cares less about fighting for better life for the poor of the poorest. The timing of this move leaves us with a big question mark. We are less than 15 months away from the general elections. This is a critical time where all parties are doing their best to win votes. Our belovered EFF is busy rewarding other parties at the expense of our votes. The perception we are having is that our EFF is moving closer and closer to the ANC. We are getting confused as to what colours we should vote for next year, the ‘RED or Yellow Green Black’????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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