EFF to launch trade union

By TimesLive/Sipho Masombuka,  03 July  2014

The Economic Freedom Fighters said the Labour Department has officially given them the go-ahead to start their own union – the National Trade Union Congress.

Barely eight months after it was formed, the EFF managed to garner 6.35% of the votes in the national elections in May.

An EFF spokesman said yesterday party members could not belong to Cosatu-affiliated unions.

According to an EFF insider, the party submitted registration forms to the Labour Department on May 27 and received its registration number yesterday.

The inside source said the EFF would travel to all nine provinces to recruit people into their union.

“We already have a huge number of registered members but we could not approach employers for recognition without registration,” he said.

The union could prove stiff competition to Cosatu, which is battling internal divisions. The biggest split has been with The National Union of Metalworkers of SA, which has just called for a strike.

The EFF union plans to target marginalised workers such as petrol attendants, domestic workers, farmworkers, security guards and workers in the retail sector.

Eddie Mathiba, the union’s interim general secretary, said: “The time is now for the economic emancipation of the proletariat.

“Gone are the days of capitalist vehicles driven by employers and Cosatu affiliates,” he said.

Many EFF members believe that Cosatu’s alliance with the ANC has made it toothless, and that the trade union federation no longer strives for workers’ rights but rather keeping the fat cats in power.

The EFF source said: “[Cosatu] has become an ANC electioneering tool, which only remembers the workers when it has to campaign for the ruling party.”

He added that many workers had no one who truly strove to protect them from exploitation and unfair dismissals and that existing unions have betrayed them.

Source:  http://www.timeslive.co.za/thetimes/2014/07/03/eff-to-launch-trade-union

22 thoughts on “EFF to launch trade union

  1. Good evening and well I say thanks to fighters to provide such numerous union that hopefully shall stand unity. Well with my regards I wanna ask for few recommends on Agent am working at as it treat us as trash in big company. They don’t comply within labor law as recommended so for further how would we get to register and be gathered as one unity to stand against this white monopoly.

  2. Good day

    My self and other employees at work we want to join your your and leave saccau as it is not on our side but the company’s side

  3. Hi my name is Vuyiswa me and other workers at work we would like to join union due to issues in our company my number is 0739461550

  4. TGood day my name is Jerry and I along with about 25 others would like to join the union. 0744588810 thank you.

  5. good day my name is brenda malatji me and my workers we would like to join the eff union regarding the issues that we are facing at work, our company deal with electricity and mantenece.my contact number is 0846337897

  6. Hi,m Molatelo me and other employees would like to join eff union,but problem we dont know where to find it pls help.

  7. My name is justice i have more than 100 employees who are willing to join your union.pls assist me as soon as u get dis msg

  8. Hi I’m Jayson Letladi Maleka from Tembisa. I also think that EFF will help us cos there is too much Racialism in many companies especially the one which I’m working in. Don’t hesitate come in my company, my number is : 083 739 6463

  9. Good day I m from PTA my colleagues and really need this union we have a situation at work with unfair treatment and the salary we are care workers and cleaners

  10. Hello members. What EFF want to do is very important to the nation. The boers are oppressing the people of South Africa. I’m very interested & hurry to join them. Please let me know everything about Trade Union. Olah

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