EFF must consider public participation: Indian Supporter Suggests

Members of the opposition EFF party leave the parliamentary chamber as South Africa's President Jacob Zuma delivers his State of the Nation address in Cape Town

There were continuous feed interruptions or breaks in transmission whilst Mr Malema addressed the media. eNCA should not adopt the same tactics as the SABC but rather get their act together.
Mr Malema has a plan but I think he has to change his tactics and approach to some degree. Don’t follow the mainstream manner of navigating politics and becoming a predictable party, you need to attract South Africans attention and eliminate the thoughts of a party that continually gets thrown out of parliament, subsequently being suspended, hence I suggest a change of approach and tactics to get the most mileage on a platform which is parliament and avoid that opportunity to address the nation.

A Political party is only as strong as its following or support it receives. With all due respect I understand your target audience being the majority but seriously you need to revisit history as well that Indians and Coloureds also suffered under the apartheid regime, not all Whites were supporters of the then Botha / Malan establishment so change the angles and be more open to all races who were born and live in South Africa.

I feel the EFF should consider public participation or meet with members of the public to get an outsider view on a platform other than mass rallies etc. Sit and engage with us around a table.
Its practicality impossible to get a response or feedback from EFF through the website I think this to needs to change.

I understand what EFF stands for but what about setting different standards to continuously engage with your supporters take a look at your social media platform where hundreds of individuals made comments and requests but not 1 was acknowledged or responded to. I would love to meet Mr Malema.

Thanks and regards.
Imtiaz Yasseen

One thought on “EFF must consider public participation: Indian Supporter Suggests

  1. I agree with Imtiaaz Yaseem herein on his humble appeal which I hear as saying EFF should swell the political land scape presence by becoming a party which speaks to all citizens, it is true and our EFF leaders should acknowledge that South Africans has realised their true resilience and preparedness to stand for truth in defence of democracy and achievement of revolution for economic change.

    With this realisation, citizens are almost leaning on EFF for taking South Africa to a better future, clearly there is no other party that match the EFF to can do that at this juncture!

    EFF should lead summits, should hold consultative peoples congress so that south Africans quickly in their majority can feel to have given it a mandate and also get back the assurance that EFF is indeed their party ready for government – We cannot afford to waste time BUT we believe our Command structure has indeed a plan that will work EFF a better oiled machinery come 2019.

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