EFF Free State statement on the questionable purging of its members by erratic ANC led municipalities

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EFF Free State statement on the questionable purging of its members by erratic ANC led municipalities

7 December 2017

The Eff in the Free State is greatly troubled by the series of spiteful purges and dismissals that are continuously effected against its members across the Province. We have long observed that the ANC can no longer curtail its parasitic and opportunistic desire for the abuse of state power, mainly to advance narrow party-political interests.

We are scripting this notice mainly to respond, and to reject some of the most vindictive behaviors that are exhibited by several ANC led Municipalities, essentially in dealing with EFF affiliated employees.

Pertaining to the most recent ‘unprotected strike’ that ensued in the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality in 2017, which patently actualized  the hapless burning of Mangaung City Hall, we essentially would like to underscore that of the 55 employees that were implicated only 2 of them were charged and dismissed thus far. It hence stems as no surprise that the 2 expelled workers are members of the EFF, who in consequence were incomprehensibly apportioned 100% culpability and were sacrificed for the greater good of SAMWU’s conspiratorial alliance with the ANC.

As observed from the events of the time, the Hall was engulfed by a heavy smoke propensity, which was emitted from multiple burning tires; however an internal probe could only isolate Motlatsi Jobo and Lungi Mini as the central characters, regardless of grander presence of a leadership and membership contingent of SAMWU. Drawing from available evidence, the reading of the closing investigation review resulted in an internal hearing process where other purported culprits were left out and only two were implicated.

It thus defies simple logic that in excess of 53 members got away with an ordinary slap on their wrists, purely because of their stout affiliation to the ANC, whilst only 2 assumed legal responsibility for the supposed unselective financial liability the Municipality incurred. We are also very sentient of the meeting that was convoked between SAMWU and the ANC in the Mangaung region, which mainly incrusted the reinstatement of the majority of the workers at the dreadful expense of only two.

Our modern constitutional democratic order, which is dominated by party political system, for all its assertions of being the high-point of a democratic manifestation in a plural society, is been systematically undone by Magashule and his disciples.

Perhaps unknown to them is the fact that in the workstation, the right to freedom of association is for all intents and purposes an empowering right, which enables workers to join political organizations of their own choice in order to encourage diverse societal interests.

Furthermore, the ANC’s mob psychology and disregard for the constitution was again distressingly illustrated in Naledi Municipality, where they undertook to dismiss 22 municipal employees, the majority of whom were EFF members. Which besides, serves as no amazement given the fact that this occurrence is only but replicating itself, as in the Xhariep Municipality incalculable amounts of workers were also expelled for what appears to be political antipathy. As such, on both these cases the dual courses of redress issued by the Award of the CCMA and a Labour Court’s order to reinstate the expelled employees, were discounted by both the Municipalities, thus proving to all and sundry that the ANC’s gross moral decay and irresponsible contempt for the law will continuously characterize our body politic.

Moreover, unearthing such evils unavoidably invokes an excessive sense of foul mood, as the ANC is relentless in their attempts to dislodge a capable workforce for petty political gains. This soulless initiative has sadly done nothing better than to uncompromisingly relegate a promising youth brigade into a canyon of hopelessness.

Lastly, we wish to state categorically, that political dead weights, which are comparable to the Apartheid government’s ‘Total Strategy’ (PW Botha’s strategy of unprecedented repression), Stalin’s ‘Great Purge’ (a campaign of political repression in the Soviet Union) and Hitler’s ‘Night of long knives’ (strategy used by Hitler to illuminate critics) have no place in our present day South Africa.

We thus assure all our citizens that we will relentlessly fight to ensure that we do all that is possible to dispel of this damaging tendencies.


Issued by EFF Free State


Enquiries: Mandisa Makesini (Provincial Secretary)


Contacts: 076 5118877


Email: [email protected]

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