EFF Encourages Fighters to use the FNB ATM to Deposit Membership Fees as Opposed to doing it inside the Bank

10 September, 2013

Economic Freedom Fighters encourages all those who are paying their membership directly to do so at the FNB ATM, as opposed to inside the bank. This is because when you deposit your membership fee inside the bank the greedy financial capitalists take R8 of the R10 membership fee. However, depositing it at the ATM is much more reduced.

Fighters across the country must guard at all times against being taken advantage of by any system. The membership fee must, as much as possible, contribute to the sustenance of the organisation we all love.


Contact: MBUYISENI NDLOZI (National Spokesperson)
Cell: +27 73 133 3012
Email: economicfreedomstruggle@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “EFF Encourages Fighters to use the FNB ATM to Deposit Membership Fees as Opposed to doing it inside the Bank

    1. @ Nikwa,Very sensible people think R10 will make Malema a millionare,it cant even buy a loaf of bread.Anyway those who can and understand the need of it at the party will deposit more to cover the bank charges.

  1. But by encouraging the people to deposit their monies at a machine instead of inside with a live human being, are you not playing more in the hands of these so called “greedy financial capitalist” as they now can afford to employ less cashiers and make even more profits?

  2. Hi Fighters

    We must remember that is not everybody who can use self service ATM .I understand that there charges is very high when you use the teller unlike the ATM . Most of us we still rely on that receipt with the stamp unlike the receipt that comes from the ATM when you finish to deposit . I did sugest that when we were having the meeting they said it is better to do it inside and even the online they said they want the stamp

  3. I was an ANC member in good standing, it’s seems like the ANC has lost direction and the only organization that can rescue people is the EFF. So I want to join the EFF that has direction.

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