Economic Freedom Fighters Saved My Year

BeautyPlusMe_20180416161146_fastThe title Economic Freedom Fighters is the true reflection of what the party is all about, At last we have economic freedom in our life time. thanks to the EFF party.

I passed my matric in 2016, I was forced to take gap year because couldn’t afford university registration fees. I applied again and I was sent a letter to pay R5,000 registration fee at the university of Limpopo, I didn’t have the money, nor my family.

The EFFSRC went all the trouble to make sure that every learner register freely, that was when I was given an opportunity to study the course of my choice. Thanks to the EFF.

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  1. i am a worker from marula mine under contract the contractors rating still low and they are not willing to increase we have tried all things to deal with them but still nothing is happening our normal eight hours rating is R16.66 for 8 days a week we are tired of working contractors on a permenent department they are not training us even if someone dies they do not contrubute
    we are asking for a help as soon as possible

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