18 Replies to “Economic Freedom Fighters official Logo and emblem”

  1. Economical Freedom Fighter is a very good party that can help/empower all people of SA to achieve in their country especiall we African.Viva EFF VIVA.Julius Malema is number1.

  2. I am glad that we have fresh ideas in our politics and soon wil be the balance of power then democracy. Halala EFF Plz restore our faith in politics and move this country forward….

  3. Hi
    is it proper for ANC to write notices like “THIS KITCHEN IS FOR ANC MEMBERS ONLY” i am very concerned because we fought for descrimination like this from whites toilets. now this message is seen from Legislature building in JHB

  4. Comrades I’m a student at Ukzn Edgewood campus there is something very wrong with visibility of comrades its either they are afraid or what. EFF is doing badly in kzn cause there are no bold leaders. They fall short to market EFF, anc and IFP had lots of T-shirt why didn’t we issue enough T-shirt to cover the number of registered students. This is bad guys plz do something plz contact me I wanna be the voice of EFF here.

    1. Hi Ncobile, i am a Swazi but would like to join the EFF party; is there anything you can help me with please. Im also a Degree graduate from SA but of Swazi nationality.

  5. Thank you for being the voice of reason during the ANC’s motion of no confidence in DA mayors . . when we all stand together, much needed change for a better SA is attainable!

  6. Hi,I have a problem with department of higher learning. They deduct our marks after writing exams and that cause us to fail. Question papers are leaking before exams that’s why they do this and some of us we don’t get those leaked papers and all get punished.

    Can you guys please stop this cause is destroying us. Can you make them to investigate the person who does this please.

    My school is Western Tvet college. We studying engineering.

    Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

  7. I hate eff from bottom of my heart…what’ts a main reason to take land back to blacks as u know very well that they will turn it as crime scenes?im black also but i know that our customs is very closer to monkeys.

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