E-Toll Tag Facts Revealed

Shared by Economic Freedom Fighters Thswane Region

  • Less than 10 000 registered e-Tag’s.
  • The system is not manageable for cars travelling on the highways without an e-Tag.
  • The Ben Schoeman Highway between PTA & JHB carries 300 000 cars per day.
  • The e-Tag system is a dismal failure so far.
  • The latest R1.75 p/km is a last bid from the government to force us to buy this e-Tag so they can get the 98% of the pension money back they’ve spend on the toll roads.
  • Note – you DON’T HAVE TO BUY THE e-TAG.


Some quick maths . . . .

300 000 cars x R1.75/car = R 525 000.00 per day (and that’s only at one gate) x average 4 gates between PTA- JHB = R 2 100 000.00 x 2 (the return trip) = R 4 200 000.00/day x 22 work days per month = R 92 400 000.00 per month x 11.5 working months per year = R 1 062 600 000.00 (One Billion, sixty two million six hundred thousand per year).

WRONG: its /km 300 000 both directions x 1.75 x 40km average (but 300 000 will be reduced as many cannot afford it) = R21 000 000 p.d. = R462 000 000 p.m. = R5 544 000 000 p.a.!!!! Then the bulk thereof is paid to the guys abroad!!! – now who are the actual recipients abroad to be???

Someone is trying to get rich very very quickly & will have a lot of money to spend on many wives & children. What are they going to do with all this money?

It is not just one day – it will be every day! Your salary will not be increased to pay the tolls, so you will have to take this money from your retirement savings. All food and drink transported to Johannesburg on these roads will become more expensive. Once it is up and running, and you have accepted to be tolled, they will increase the price and you have no come-back in the future to stop the tolls!

They have already loaded the petrol price and channelled the money away from roads to more social spending. Do not register, read the terms and conditions before you register. By registering you agree to those terms and conditions. The terms and conditions only benefit SANRAL, and put you at jeopardy.

It is a ploy to catch you out.  Once you join, they have you.The y WILL raise the rate per kilo-meter very soon; and once they do so; you will be tied in with a Tag…

Join us on the 1 November 2013 at Mary Fitzgerald Square In Newtown. Gathering time is 9am.

Contact Lufuno Gogoro, Gauteng Organisor
079 721 4306

E-Toll-Fall Down EFF

Shared by Economic Freedom Fighters Thswane Region

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  1. Good day since I applied for membership since the past provincial elections. Am still waiting. I applied at lotus to a guy by the name of Thabo. Please help fighters

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