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Membership Process

1). Download & Fill Membership Form.

2). Call Provincial Coordinator in your Province ( Click here for provincial Coordinators )

3). Get your Branch Card.

Bank Details

Bank Name: First National Bank
Branch Name: Braamfontein
Branch Code: 251905
Account Number: 62423860122
Account Holder: EFF

Membership Fee for Economic Freedom Fighters is R10.

Economic Freedom Fighters encourages all those who are paying their membership directly to do so at the FNB ATM, as opposed to inside the bank. This is because when you deposit your membership fee inside the bank the greedy financial capitalists take R8 of the R10 membership fee. However, depositing it at the ATM is much more reduced.

39 thoughts on “Download EFF Membership Form

  1. Hi I am in colesburg
    Northern Cape want to
    Join EEF and not just me
    Number of people especialy youth
    And elderlypeople

  2. i hope people apoited should do there tust as instracted an we should stand united and comtinue with was what the old commited strangle fighters had staterd.let the strugle continue.

  3. We are going to vote a party that is concern more about our land, which i think is EFF, let us have a different taste good people

  4. Hi am in germiston want to join eff & not just me number of people especially youth and elderly people actually we want to form a strong branch in germiston.

  5. It iz de ryt tym 2 go all de Provinces nd lodge EFF pls de tym iz nw we r so hungry 4 a change nt jst a change bt an economic freedom 4 de underprevileged

  6. I stay at Cosmo City and i want to apply for a membership card.
    Also i would like to see EFF coming to Cosmo City.
    The youth is waiting for change.
    Now is the time to change our country.
    Forward EFF forward.

  7. I am optimistic that EFF will secure at least 2 seats at National Assembly. I am just afraid to say that according to my analysis, there is great prospect of redefining the History of South Africa during the 2014 National Election. The support on the grassroots is overwhelming. The letter that EFF composed to Beeld has had (has entombed) indelible impact. It is true that the issue of economy in SA is not just a black man’s concern but a vast number of whites are seriously affected by the economic imbalances. I used to hate Julius, personally, after he helped ousting Thabo Mbeki barely 6 months before the end of his term. That was the most inhumane thing one could do unto any human being. However, for us to go forward, I think it is important to forgive him. The most honorable thing Julius must do for us who were hurt by the ousting of president Mbeki is to offer an unconditional apology (unashamedly) on those lines. From there on am sure the momentum will increase even further. You guys must also look at the naming convention. EFF, I suppose, should change to Economic Freedom Front. I am a little concerned with the word “fighters.” Please visit the forsaken places like KwaSimu (former KwaNdebele) make person to person visits. Go to Marabastad Putco pull off point during peak hours (2-6pm), get ready to answer questions and spread application forms. Or get into the Putco buses, drive and interact with passengers from Pretoria to KwaSimu (KwaNdebele.) Doing, am sure you can secure Thembisile Municipality and Dr. J.S. Moroka Municipality and Ellias Motsoaledi Municipality and or Motse Municipality. ANC has forsaken the Ndebeles for long enough and Putco is business facking them around by supplying irreliable transport service. The idea of Moloto Corridor (railway line) has been just abandoned. Mpumalanga University is scheduled to be built in Whiteriver, some 450km away from KwaSimu. All these are the points you must capitalize on.


  8. Hi I am in lUTZVILLE-WES,WESTERN Cape want to
    Join EEF and not just me
    Number of people especialy youth
    And elderlypeople

  9. I am semao in jan kempdorp,i’m still waiting for my membership card it makes 4 months now still waiting…plz help

  10. I salute all EFF members that tood by the organisation and made them themselves listened by the country, Africa and the world. We are not afraid and I do join the organisation with my heart. Let them come with their big dogs and we shall provide our cats to defend us. They must keep on running we are around the corner.

    EFF Member in sole

  11. Good Morning,

    As I envisaged prior to the National Elections 2014, EFF have secured 25 seats in National Assembly which I personally deem as quite an achievement given the fact that it was founded barely 9 months in advance. Eff rocketed from 0 to being the 3rd largest/strongest and most popular party in SA. Isn’t this fantastic?

    I must however express it unequivocally that by voting for EFF we mandated our parliamentary leaders to go represent us in National Assembly. This is another way of saying, whatever they do or do not must they must do it with our mandate.

    Nevertheless it does not have any impact on one’s performance to wear wellington boots or gumboots and pinafores and aprons – I must express it that we never mandated the our members of parliament to do that – hence I must state it clearly without reservations that our members of parliament have overstepped their mandate. Guys ,straight talk doesn’t break friendship. Your conduct sometimes is embarrassing. Please concentrate on doing more constructive things that to invade places like parliament in the manner you did. It was uncalled for because after all you had won the right to go to parliament. Why on earth would you behave as though you were denied access? You can only behave like that once you are denied your constitutional right to access parliament. In that case I will support you too.

    I feel that I must add a voice of reason regarding the general conduct of our parliamentary members. Lots of times are wasted doing things that hold up the party’s progress from strength to strength. We have a lot of potential but our conduct is clouding all the strength that we have.

    By this I am not saying we must help upholding the status quo, never. I am saying the time has come for us to re-look at our behavior in public spaces. The time has come for us to do our job very analytically, un-apologetically yet we must desist at all cost from disruptive behaviours. You can stick to your guns without changing the tone of your voice. You can stick to your guns without being violent. Yet I am not ruling that we must tolerate nonsense.

    looking at the parliamentary sessions since the 7th May, I can enthusiastically tell you that there is no more time for members of parliament to slumber, wake up only when the speaker asks them to raise their hands to rubber stamp whatever a ANC member had to say without full understanding. This is our strength. Every one pauses and listens to us because they fear us. This is a rate strength. Lets not spoil it.

    There is no use to fume each time one is given an opportunity to speak. It is highly possible to talk sense without fuming. It is highly possible to disagree with one’s opponent without embarrassing him.

    The manner in which we behave is in most cases irrelevant. It has potential to disrupt us from seeing the fine points of politics.Our opponents will learn to tease us and sabotage us by using technicalities against us.

    In final analysis, we owe it to us to learn from our past. The members of the past regime and their supporters misused their power grossly. God sent Mandela to seize that power. This another way of telling you that we owe it to us to use our power sparingly.

    I hope and trust that this communique shall reach the very best our your understanding and the very best of your consideration.


  12. i am a student at KSD TVET COLLEGE at NTABOZUKO CAMPUS we are about to open a student command of eff but the problem is that we have nobody who support us so i would enjoy if anyone can support us by providing constitution because the campus manager asked us to bring the constitution first so we have no way forwand so please we need support before the elections that would on the month of march

  13. I am a Liberian living in London, and very much impressed with the economy and land redemption of South Africa. However I would like to join and and this message across Africa. How can I proceed with my membership.

  14. I am a Liberian living in London, and very much impressed with the economy and land redemption of South Africa. However I would like to join and spread this message across Africa. What are the criteria for non-South Africans

  15. Hi am sanele Ngwane and I strongly believe in EFF I want to be a part of it and I have a group of people wants a membership of EFF including me here in bothashill I will appriciate a reply regarding this thanks viva EFF viva I like the spirit sikhathele abantu abagiya ngezihlangu zabanye abasike ezabo.amandla

  16. May you please help me in the case of a male pensioner of 65 yrs whose property land & house was transfered by Qadi Traditional Council near Inanda to a stepson who has his own property in 2014. Since 2016 September he is homeless. Public Protector, KZN COGTA , Ingonyama Trust could not of help to us to date. He is staying at my place. He can not access his 12 roomed house with outside buildings and house contents

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