ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS is a radical and militant Economic Emancipation Movement which brings together revolutionary, fearless, radical, and militant Activists, workers’ movements, Non-governmental organisations, community based organisations, lobby-groups under the need to pursue the struggle for economic emancipation.

EFF is a radical, Left, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist Movement with an internationalist outlook anchored by popular grassroots formations and struggles. EFF will be the vanguard of community and workers’ struggles and will always be on the side of the people. EFF will, with determination and consistency, associate with the protest movement in South Africa, and will also join in struggles that defy unjust laws.

The EFF takes lesson from the notation that “political power, without economic emancipation is meaningless”. The Movement is inspired by ideals that promote and practice organic forms of political leadership, which appreciate that political leadership at whatever level is service, not an opportunity for self-enrichment and self-gratification.

The EFF draws inspiration from Marxist-Leninist and Fanonian schools of thought on its analysis of the State, imperialism and class contradictions in every society. Through organic engagement and constant relationship with the masses, Economic Freedom Fighters provide clear and cogent alternatives to the post-colonial economic systems, which in many countries kept the oppressed people under colonial domination and suppression

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29 thoughts on “Constitution

  1. what a revolutionary agenda, we will continue to solder on no matter what, “they” can suspend us, they can expel us but “they” will never make us what they want us to be .Asijiki

  2. what is subscription fee for membership? i am a intern @ labour in pretoria originally from a small village in Taung in the north west province. i’ve been spreading the word of the organisation everywhere i go especially in my village, and i must say the responds have been amazing. but how do i get my bere, t-shit and membership so i can lead by example? im a fighter and i want to be active in building the organisation
    please sent me some important imformation about the EFF so i can convince and unswer difficult questions when asked.
    083 879 8783 is my number.
    viva EFF vivaaaaaaaaa

  3. Maqabane i am also a comrade frm the eastern cape.when r u coming to the province asinaxesha lininzi kufuneka sisebenze elections are around the corner

  4. fighters you are moving too slow we need to mobilize the masses now im in aliwal north in the eastern cape we waiting asijiki.

  5. Viva Fighters viva !!!!.I am a fighter from KZN,I want to voice the concern that have been voiced by other fighters.My belief is that guys we need to speed up the pace at which we are moving.Masses of people have waited far too long for an organisation that represent the ideals of the poor of the poorest indigenous people of South Africa.General elections are just around the corner.

  6. Viva EFF viva. Viva equality and sharing of the country s wealth viva. We need to get to the ground and ensure that through EFF our wealthy country is back to our hands no amount of commotion, fear and doubt shall be of assistance, we got to be radical and very militant in attaining what is ours !!!!!amandla!!!!!

  7. I have been waiting along time for a party to have these principles. I always belonged to the SACP but having to vote for the capitalist ANC worried me but we had nobody else to push the socialist agenda.
    I love the fact that the EFF is non racist in looking to nationalise all land Tokyo Sexwale’s, Vivian Reddy’s and mine alike. Good luck

    1. Peter O. Please send me your address. I want to have a look at what property you have to be nationalised. I am concerned that it may be worthless. At EFF we only want the following:
      * Profitable and well running mines and businesses who are severely cash-positive.
      * Only houses and mansions with swimming pools are of value to us.
      * Farms must have animals and well kept houses and tools, tractors and equipment.

      If you do not have this, we can not accept your membership

  8. gerillas we have been waiting for 19 yrs for the movement of this nature to come on board, so we really have to move a bit speedly this time around,even those who pretend to be friendly with the so called renconceliational democracy that we presently experiancing are dearly hangry for that day to kanana. lastly its either we act now nor die silently and let it to happen to our kids and grand children to suffer for life time as well.

  9. your correspondents/coordinator in Mpumalanga are asleep, ive been trying to no avail either switched off or they drop my call, i deposited R10 i need to submit membership form, _ Nelspruit

  10. We are anxiously waiting for the launch of Economic Freedom Fighters in Soshanguve. Please guys, lets work faster and harder to get the organisation closer and closer to the people of South Africa. This is an organisation for which people of South Africa have been awaiting.

  11. Please, please!!! Hurry up with nationalizing land!!! I have 3 houses and cannot pay the banks anymore. If you take the houses, I am rid of the debt!!!

  12. we are fighters not comrade,so fighters teach other fighetrs about that we are not longer members of ANC.i have 54 members joined liberation movement maybe we will launched by december or january.keaya rona ntho ena amandla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I belive in the EFF because they are fighting for what belongs to us South Africans our country is roled by outside countries and for what i dont konw Zuma calls himself a president will he tells the youth after haveing sex you must take a shower to prevent aids is that how a president must behave i know Julius made some mistake in the ANC but in the anc if u dont it the money you will get fired so thats why he eated the youth money and if u are under the ANC wings nothink can happen to u but when u are not in the wings of it they will sent sars to investigate u just like the commander in Chief so the ANC has no plan for the youth of today its no longer a party but a company

    1. I belive in the EFF because they are fighting for what belongs to us South Africans our country is roled by outside countries and for what i dont know Zuma calls himself a president while he tells the youth after haveing sex you must take a shower to prevent aids is that how a president must behave i know Julius made some mistake in the ANC but in the anc if u dont eat the money you will get fired so thats why he eated the youth money and if u are under the ANC wings nothink can happen to u but when u are not in the wings of it they will sent sars to investigate u just like the commander in Chief so the ANC has no plan for the youth of today its no longer a party but a

  14. Guys, look at how many people here are saying things like “we need forms, when are you visiting, what’s taking so long….” doesn’t that tell you something?????

  15. My question is as we are collection more than 10 forms nd deposited the money to bank.nd we used one when we go to conference which system ur going to used to check fake membership?

  16. weaknesses of the EFF
    1. if you cut off the head of the movement, it will die
    the known leadership are vulnerable to slander, bribery, violence and assassination.
    solution: create an invisible, secretive unknown leadership. they live & work in ordinary jobs in the community. they monitor the performance, sack & replace known leaders.
    known leaders deflect attention & attacks : slander, – away from the unknown leadership. and create a regional leadership that guards the national leadership
    2. a good leader creates good leaders
    Malema is well known – which makes the party unbalanced & vulnerable. if he was a good leader – he would step back (concentrate on 1 issue) and promote 19 other good leaders addressing 19 other important issues for the south African people.
    3. leaders must work harder than the people
    the party should hold a live 2 hour national debate every saturday on 1 of the top 20 important issues for south African people. the debate is for the party to listen and the people to speak about their problems and solutions. the debate should be presented live on a national radio station. the debate should be held in a different province every week. but people from other provinces can call in. allow people to give feedback to party ideas on the website
    4. make messages factual, easy to understand and remember
    official writing and speaking statement should be as short as possible, use graphics to present data. and key statements repeated constantly. so the people are not confused & the media cannot twist it. statements should concentrate on sharing people’s problems(experiences, facts, numbers & figures) solutions:(assumptions, numbers, costs, time-frame)
    5. better representation
    the ministers of the party must have the same proportion by gender, by age, by province, by tribe – as the people of the country.
    6. communication security
    the website must have a number of mirror sites in different countries. websites may also be created for each province. feedback forms on the websites are safer than emails.

    1. I read the comments about WEAKNESSES of the EFF.
      EFF must democratically accept critics to be able to focus on its strategies.
      EFF is the baby now but good and strong foundation will make it a very strong organization.
      Next elections, this organization must not be one of the main opposition of the ruling party but a ruling party and it is POSSIBLE!!!

  17. I am a loyal supporter of EFF. Now recently I have noticed with great concern the downfall of my beloved party. I don’t know whether it is because of internal squabbles or what. The party has started losing lot of members and this should be a concern for leadership.really I am disappointed with the way things are being done at this party. Maybe I am lost but the issue of taking party to court is a sign of division just like what happened to cope. I need clarity on this matter.

  18. This party has disappointed a lot of people who liked and voted for it with the believe that it is going to be an alternative to ANC and it is true EFF is nothing else but the extention of ANCYL under another name.

    They have one mission of which it was never a mandate from those who voted them; To destroy the ANC and make their government ungovernable.
    Otherwise they are the ANC and it is just that they have a problem with those who are in power in ANC at the expense of their voters.

    I think as long as there are parties formed with that mentality, yes ANC will rule until Jesus come.


  19. Receive warm revolutionary greetings. I am wondering kgore are there any EFF branches around Elspark in Germiston because as a young scholar I believe that the ANC has already played its role in the fight for revolution. I believe now it is high time for the youths to take charge and fight. I have been listening to abuti Juju for a while now and I view him as a lion because of his bravery and boldness. At school I am a student leader and a former member of COSAS. What I have observed is that as scholars we lack knowledge about the current politics and today we live in a world of politics and corruption. I also believe that the EFF should also establish an scholar union which would spark consciousness within us because I believe that we might be 30% of the population now but one thing for sure we are 100% the future. The pace the EFF is traveling at I believe it is the one that can eradicate poverty and unemployment. As scholars we have been fighting a battle of free and equal quality education that shall meet international standards and also the demolition of caps. We believe in an education system that will teach us about Africanism. And also prove that self centered Donald Trump that the black race is smarter than the white race. If anyone can help me please respond

  20. I joined the Economic Freedom Fighters in 2013 because I liked it and I still like it.

    I know why the Eastern Cape and KZN were disbanded or were told that they must start afresh.

    You know this thing of leaders that don’t want to listen to others and those Regional leaders that they don’t want to give Branch leaders an opportunities to lead and manage their own matters or affairs within their branches is killing this organization.

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