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  1. I would like to become an EFF member and do not know how much is the joining fee. I have read the policy regarding membership, but do not know the structures in Tembisa, Gauteng.

    I can see the forms on your website that I must fill in, but do not know how much I should pay.

    Please help me by answering the following questions:
    1. Where can I find EFF structure in Tembisa, Gauteng?
    2. I do not know any EFF member in Tembisa who can recommend me to
    be a member. What must I do?
    3. How and where do I pay membership joining fee?
    4. How much is the joining fee?

    Please let me know.

    Fighter: Makgale Modiba

      1. sms or whats up this number, the guy will come back to you: 0787323873, if u dont come right whatsup me on 078 003 5579

    1. So the EFF has no policy on Education, Health, Communication, Energy etc. not even on ECONOMY how ironically is that. You guys are not ready to get my vote let alone to contest national elections. You wasting peoples time

    1. Power….!

      Fighters may you please leave your contacts if its okay with you, yo residential area(it can be your ward code) and we will get back to you OR refer you to yo branch or area Coordinators.

      Frans Mathibela
      Ward 13 Coodinator
      Whatsap 082 405 6263

  2. I am from Mamelodi (Pretoria), We are desperately wanting to join the Fighters but we don’t know if there is an existing branch in Mamelodi. If there is a branch, who is the chairperson and how can we contact him/her? Where do we get/buy the red berets and other Fighters’ promotional items. We just don’t have anytime to waste, forward with Economic Emancipation Forward, Viva EFF Viva!

    1. I have downloaded an EFF form and soon to be a memmer,i would like to know if there is a branch in Diepsloot cause i havent seen any Fighters around


  3. Comrade
    Please comrade I need anyone to explain the word revolution and tell me if there is a revolution taking place in South Africa led by the ANC.may be I don’t know the meaning of the word.
    The reason I am asking this question comrades is because what I see is the continuation of apartheid by a black gorvement,The massacres in Marikina and so forth
    Amandlaaa.I will never vote for the government that massacres its own people never.

  4. We still under the structures of apartheid in 20 years that is absurd and we still have 2 official languages English and Afrikaans. We need to change the Anc government and put another government in power this one is busy enriching themselves and their families. This so called democracy and freedom is no deference to the Bantustan system used by the apartheid government. How can we say we free when we don’t have land, how can we say we free when we don’t have a language, how can we say we free when our resources are controlled by the Americans and England. I have been wasting my votes since 1994 and I will never waist it again and I have been waiting for better life since 1994 and I am tired of waiting now.
    My only hope was cosatu and sacp and now that they are dead my hope is not to wait for Jesus Christ to come and save us from this Anc pro west movement but to form an organization that will have no fear of implementing freedom charter’

  5. It looks like the EFF leaders are not even reading our comments. I have since requested information w.r.t the branch around PTA and I’m not getting any response! Can someone pliz give me Fighter Malema’s numbers maybe I will be able to get more information!

    1. Call Fighter Kgagudi on these numbers fighter 0721257480. We have a meeting this coming saturday and Pretoria Church Square, you can come there.

  6. it is time for South Africans people, both young and old to take matters into their own hands and we can only do that by using EFF as our own effective political formation.AMANDLA, VIVA EFF VIVA. LONG LIVE MALEMA LONG LIVE!

  7. Guys, please read thoroughly. The membership forms are on the website, simply download, print, fill in and give it to your provincial coordinator.
    List and contact numbers of coordinators are on this website.
    Information To order merchendise (barrets, tshirts, car stickers) is also on this website.
    We do not need our leadership to respond to every message we send.

  8. i would like to join the organisation but dont have branch any branch attrigeville or lotus contact me on this number or whatsup me on this number: 0710791611

    fighter madisha.

  9. Power….!

    Fighters may you please for a membership leave your contacts if its okay with you, yo residential area(it can be your ward code) and we will get back to you OR refer you to yo branch or area Coordinators.

    Frans Mathibela
    Ward 13 Coodinator
    Whatsap 082 405 6263
    Call & sms 083 493 5140

  10. This is more of a request than a comment. I need a list of all EFF contacts throughout the nation. I run into people all over the place asking me who to contact in their particular area. This movement is growing like wild fire…I cant wait till 2014…

  11. lam at Tshakhuma area and lm requestin for information regarding any fighter member who is they to assist me with registration and joining EFF.

  12. Hi Guys,

    I am an Engineer by profession and have been in the industry for 9 years. I have been through the ranks of white collar system and now I am an entrepreneur running my own business and I am doing well.

    I have searching for a kind of political home that can utilize me on the Engineering Sector to come with processes that will carry our country forward. As radical as EFF is and what they stand for I think you guys are closely aligned to my to be home in the political centre. My expertise can come handy as well and I think this kind of environment that I see in EFF need to be nurtured.

    We need to stand radically in issues that will impact on the South Africans of tomorrow.

  13. comrades in am forming a league of thinkers to help execute our struggle. i seek to create teams of young people that will be find young and old people to help connect with the ages from 19 to 30. this team will be responsible for communication and canvasing strategies. contact brains on whatsapp 078 733 4605

  14. hi i am residing in joburg but from EC and would like more info about joining or even get or recruite more fighters in my village

  15. I also want to join and work with you guy I from kwazulu natal but I am here university of Johannesbueg studying but I real need to bring change in my coommunity so i belive that if i can work together with we can change the world

  16. I am an indian…my family started the first cooperative for black people in sophiatown. It was successful and many people benefited…when verwoerds bstards took leadership…they dissolved it and took everything…today large multinationals are on our land..as a family we never recovered..we were reduced to poverty.the banks prey on the poor…today govt cuts our services…they would never dare do that to white people…i see in my industry…the whites still run everything…like dirty puppet masters…my vote will go EFF…I will sign up…things must change…

  17. I want to join EFF but dont know the regional structure around Nelspruit Mpumalanga.There are many people who requested me to organise the joining form and i have managed to down load the joining form. 2014 here we come!!!!!! viva EFF VIVA!!!!


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