Demand #Respect4Africa from China, Chinese Museum Portrays AFRICANS as ANIMALS

Many Chinese people live in African countries and they live comfortable lives, but black people are hated in china and they are treated like animals. If China continues this bad treatment and racist portrayal of Africans, we as the youth of Africa must unite and we should return the favour in whatever way we can, we must not rely on politicians to act because our politicians have proven again and again that they only care about enriching their own families. African leaders are bought by China and they allow china to loot African minerals, so they can produce products which they sell back us. China is copying what Europe did for many years in Africa. China is not in Africa for the benefit of Africans. Our stupid politicians are allowing China to copy their European Idols in exploiting Africa. African minerals must be processed in Africa, if China wants our minerals, they must be forced to teach African people to do the processing and they must only take a finished product or they must go look for minerals elsewhere.

As African youth, we must stand up and not allow China and any other nation to continue destroying the image of black people, this has happened for many years, our forefathers failed to fight for our dignity and education played a big role in that failure but as the youth of today, it is up to us to make sure we contribute to the restoration of the dignity of our people.

China continues to do what they call investments in Africa which bring no valuable jobs to Africans because they only hire low-pay unskilled labour on contract, all the skilled labour is brought directly from China, even though Chinese government themselves does not approve employment of foreigners in their own country. As a foreigner in China you are not permitted to do any work which can be done by a Chinese person, the only job available for foreigners in china is teaching English and that is also difficult if you are an African because Chinese hate black skin. As a black person in China, you are ridiculed and no one wants to sit next to you if you are using public transportation like a train or a bus as if you are very dirty or have a contagious disease. Chinese worship white people and they completely hate African people and as the African youth, we must work at ways of giving them a taste of their own medicine in our countries.

Chinese open businesses in Africa and all the professional staff is Chinese. We cannot rely on our political leaders to put a stop to these unfair Chinese practices, the youth of Africa needs to act in their own way to stop the nonsense coming from China, if China wants to invest in Africa, it must be done in our own terms or they can keep their money. Our politicians have failed and continue to fail because they all want to enrich their families, African youth must come up with ways of ensuring a better future for Africa and the solution will not come from China, As the African youth of today, we have the opportunity to correct what our fathers failed to do right, our politicians won’t help us, they are self-serving bastards, a new movement for Africa’s future by African youth must rise , join the #Respect4Africa hash tag on social media (Facebook and Twitter) and demand respect for Africa.

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