Dear EFF Central Executive Committee


  1. I am a member of EFF. I am 68 years old reside in Seshego Zone 3. A AM A GRADUATE ex teacher and high school principal who resigned from  teaching in 1992 because of “political pressure” by the Lebowa sham “government”. I was expelled from the University of the North( Limpopo) as a result of a strike that we initiated as the SRC Executive after the expulsion of Onkgopotse Abram Tiro for his justified and correct scathing attack on the BANTU EDUCATION SYSTEM RESULTING IN THE GRADUATION HALL AT TURFLOOP BEING FULL OF WHITES WHILE BLACKS WOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED AT THE SAME KIND OF CEREMONY AT, SAY, POTCHEFSTROOM UNIVERSITY. Terror Lekota,Phandelani Nefholovhodwe, Aubrey Mokwena,Moloto Maleka and Me were expelled on reapplication.
  2. I humbly beg the Central Executive Committee to create time and space and time to discuss innovative radical community development strategies on a variety of plat forms and create THOUSANDS OF JOBS and GENERATE FUNDS for the WINNING EFF. MILLIONS CAN BE GENERATED IF WE WORK TOGETHER. PLEASE ACT NOW NOT TOMORROW

One thought on “Dear EFF Central Executive Committee

  1. Revolutionary greetings to my radical and militant leadership under the guidance of CIC. We as a sub-district of Letsemeng (Xhariep) Free State would like the NWC to come and visit our branches with immediate effect please.Asijiki siyabangena nge EFF.Aluta continua!!!

    Yours in struggle
    Benjamin Nqana – Councillor candidate (Ward 4 Chairperson)

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