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National Office

78 De Korte, Braamfontein, Johannesburg
 Tel: 011 403 2313
 Fax: 011 403 2264

  • Godrich Gardee, Tel: 082 370 8402 , Email: | Secretary General
  • Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi , Tel: 073 133 3012 , Email: / | National Spokesperson
  • Mr Yazini Tetyana , Tel: 082 635 6262, Email: | National Administrator

Eastern Cape

  • Vuyisile Schoeman, Tel: 082 675 8667, Email: | Convener
  • Simcelile Rubela, Tel: 078 643 0624 ,Email: | Coordinator

Free State

  • Kgotso Morapela, Tel: 076 658 5033, Email: | Chairperson
  • Mandisa Makesini, Tel: 083 247 0278, Email: | Secretary


  • Malesela Ledwaba, Tel: 082 783 4184, Email: | Secretary


  • Michael Mathebe, Tel: 082 874 9735, Email: | Convener
  • Jossey Buthane, Tel: 072 821 5881, Email: | Secretary


  • Collen Sedibe, Tel: 076 022 1233, Email: | Chairperson
  • Alfred Skhosana, Tel:060 711 5059, Email: alfndwa@gmail.comm | Secretary

Northern Cape

  • Aubrey Baartman, Tel: 082 302 2574, Email: | Chairperson
  • George Nyakama, Tel: 084 270 7645, Email: | Secretary

Kwa-Zulu Natal

  • Vukani Ndlovu, Tel: 082 953 0970, Email: | Chairperson
  • Rebbecca Mohlala, Tel: 076 587 6251, Email: | Secretary

Western Cape

  • Bernard Joseph, Tel: 076 870 9353, Email: | Chairperson
  • Xego Melikhaya, Tel: 060 689 7289, Email: | Secretary

North West

  • Betty Diale, Tel: 076 424 1087, Email: | Chairperson
  • Delisile Ngwenya, Tel: 082 819 6224, Email: | Secretary

155 thoughts on “Contacts

      1. I will join EFF waiting for the coalition results if they part with Anc a big no i won’t join
        i voted EFF i don’t want anything to do with crooks(anc)

    1. Why should I as a white male support the EFF, when your leader talks of the slaughter of white people, and shows little respect for us? Not every German male was Hitlers follower, and not every white man hated/hates black people. Many white people were persecuted, some killed, for being against apartheid. It was God’s choice that I am white, so if he has a problem with my skin color then he should take it up with my creator. My email address is

      1. God has nothing to do with the imperial/colonial rape of Africa – your and my forefathers were largely responsible.

  1. EFF memberships are available, you are welcome to contact members of Pretoria task team for more info:

    1. Convenor – Tebogo Mogashoa – 079 876 5127.

    2. Co-Ordinator – Gracia Tlhapi – 079 656 5962.

    3. Task Team Member – Abie Mongale – 073 549 9675.

    4. Task Team Member – Chris Nkuna – 078 367 9977.

    5. Task Team Member – Dannie Makwala – 071 165 1424..

    1. EFF should be a panafrican political party. In Cote d’Ivoire we are ready to have our branch. We would like to meet president Juluis (225)07559026

      1. Yes, it should be, because the greedy capitalists managed to dismantle the pan africanist movements ie PAC,AZAPO etc. EFF is our last hope. Even the ignorant are starting to hear and see that nothing better will ever be delivered by the current rulin party.

  2. Fgt Frann Kgasago-Convener: 0719758499.
    Fgt Kidox Mogale-Coordinator: 0824763655.
    Fgt Peter Chokwe-Organizer: 0837391335.

    These are Fighters you can call if you stay around Polokwane and the nearby areas.

  3. We are living in the country that need strong and fresh minded people in order to make this country batter for our children and the children of our children. So we mist not allow this selfish, arrogant minded people to put South Africa at risk because they want to rich.

  4. I interested to be a member and not just a member usefully member the problem with me there is no branch in my area so pls fighters come to my area start recruiting people before 2014 so that we can take chief zuma in power because he destroying our country. viva fighters viva…. viva mandela generation viva

  5. I interested to be a member and not just a member usefully member the problem with me there is no branch in my area so pls fighters come to my area start recruiting people before 2014 so that we can take chief zuma out of power because he destroying our country. viva fighters viva…. viva mandela generation viva

  6. I would love to join EFF and be a useful member, please come and canvas here in Keiskammahoek before the 2014 elections I’m sure you will get many members like myself

  7. EFF Tshwane
    • fighter kgabo 0791506606
    • convenor benjamini disoloane 0711651424.
    • co-ordinator ompile0732628561
    Capricon (polokwane EFF)
    • Frann Kgasago-Convener: 0719758499.
    • Kidox Mogale-Coordinator: 0824763655.
    • Peter Chokwe-Organizer: 0837391335.
    • Phina as Conveyner 0733864176
    • Mothatso Coordinator 0837931226
    • Grace Organizer 0727347479
    Western Cape, Southern Cape Region
    • coordinator Lassy 27731241025 or 0824914727
    • recruitment committee Zizi 0737413751
    Ehlanzeni Region(Barberton)
    • Mthokozisi coordinator 0765842219.
    • Xolani convener 0717383179.
    Buffalo City Metro,eastern cape
    • Wele convernor 0781403273
    • Bongiwe co-ord 072 215 4138
    Matatiele Eastern Cape
    • 0730528267
    Giyani sub-region
    • convener Pat Mabandlha: 0797330026
    • coordinator Happy Chauke: 0723418704
    • Miss Lindi 0715841027 Mr Owen 0783977757
    Bohlabela Region
    • Convernor:Fighter Dallas:076 556 7276
    • Coordinator:Fighter Polokwane:071 979 6080
    Mpumalanga, Ehlanzeni Region.
    • Convener Sabelo 072 711 4595
    • Coordinator Sydney 082 056 9221
    Gert Sibande Region
    • Convenor- Gcina Mofokeng 076 332 3763
    • Coordinator- Thembi Motloung 073 760 8299
    • coordinator Sam 074 8083 962
    • zusan convener 072 84 96928 or 072 652 6825 ( ward 10 coordinator)
    Sekhukhune region
    • Fenya 0824420146
    • Kgothatso 0798275378
    • covernor- Ben: 072 992 5235
    • cordinater Abel Stouber: 076 957 9521
    Dr Keneth kaunda region
    • co-odinator Romeo Matjila: 0783402758
    nkangala region
    • convener Manqoba: 0766345298
    • coordinator Molwane: 0722588151
    • Coordinator: fighter Tlou: 0780130578
    • Nathi 0797170485
    • Convenor: Melanzi 072 8937307
    • Coordinator: Pako 073 7305377
    • Convenor: Tshireletso 079 6690657
    • Coordinator: Romeo 078 3402758
    • Convenor: Mojapelo 076 6768949
    • Coordinator: Kabelo 078 3257203
    • Convenor: Wilson 076 7917562
    • Coordinator: Kabelo Mogoiwa 084 4067102
    Springs Payneville
    • Nkateko: 078 824 7543
  8. Fighters please help with the Kimberley home of fighters, the visibility of the organisation need to be taken to the people, Amandlaaaaaaaa

  9. Active EFF members should come and canvas in Soshanguve. Viva EFF Viva. South Africa as a whole needs to see changes that can only be brought about by Economic Freedom Fighters.

  10. Phambili fighters, let the campaign roll, elections are around the corner. By the way how is the membership are we already in 10 Million? Please lets recruit more. Still waiting for my membership card. Have you seen Nkandla pictures lately our taxes have been wasted, the president of the country owns a holidaaaay resoooort (not fair). Let your vote count: economic freedom in our life time….Viva EFF Viva!!!!!! Lots of love

  11. I notice that in Limpopo fewer youths are registering for voting. It is futile for EFF to gain members if they are not registered on the Voters Registration. I noticed that whites in Polokwane are united to register in big numbers while the rural blacks had very little interest. I also noticed that almost all the young mothers in the rural, and security personnel that I talked to this month seem to want EFF to happen.
    An effort to target them for registration may yield valuable voter results. You guys need votes and registration is the way.

  12. MALEMA for president!, not a member of EFF yet sitting and asking myself kesala jwang?. Guaranteed next year you have my Vote and please keep your promise to the poor.

    Sohlangana e Parliment…

  13. Thank you for a friday, the 15 Nov 2013 professional seminar. i wasnt sure about policies and values of EFF, But now im going to cast my vote next year by voting for this party “Party ya batho”. EFF is going to rule until the people of SA are free from this white monopoly.

    One more thing – Please start intruducing or branding EFF with new faces(front leaders) not only of Commander in Chief. We need to show the people that EFF doesnt belong to Mr. Malema only but the people of SA.

    Amandla ma fighters

  14. Always wanted to Join, finally i did, viva da Fighters!

    I live in Bezvally, Joburg. want to be an active member in Region 8.


  15. Fighters let us maintain that we’ll b the voice of the majority poor africans, and come up with tangible programmes that will take our black africans forward, get rid of the inequalities, food insecure, etc Amandla EFF amandla. Let’s launch Kabokweni branch soon.


    I am at kagiso 1 and would like to join EFF, any1 around kagiso I can join to him? And how much will be a joining Fee?


  17. Please help my brothers launch a branch in Eastern Cape- Qumbu lower kroza location. we fall under mthlontlo municipality. I have tried to convienced them while I was on holiday. I am working in cape town.


  19. Amandla! Fighters I hope this victory means the emancipation of our people and also a weapon to fight disparities in our societies.

    Amandla the struggle contineus

  20. To Whom It May Concern

    I am a South African, currently living in China for over 8 years and an Education Consultant. I will be returning to South Africa at the end of May and would like to meet with Mr. Malema to discuss ways in which I could help build educational structures for the rural areas.
    Please can you reply.



  21. Hey Fighters and Juju. we love and also want to see you face to face brother, please keep it up coZ its show tht you do sacrifice for your job but I want you to come and activate Dundonald Commutters ANC yenza kancane.
    my contact: 072 053 5314 .e-mail:

  22. I just got hold of this website. I will certainly be joining asap.


  23. eer…please check the home page top left
    fine print not an official site. These monkeys will nevr change it is funny how people do not read the fine print as a result do not know what you are voting for.

  24. Good Day

    I am a qualified accountant staying in Mooinooi (next to Marikana) and voted for the EFF in the last election . I would appreciate getting the contact details of the EFF in North West with the aim of forming a branch in Mooinooi . As a political party we now need to get down to work and prove to the million voters who trusted us with their vote that we mean business and that we will bring about fundemental change to the lives of the disenfrenchised and poor working class communities . I am availing myself for duty and know that my skills within administration , finance and research can be an asset to the EFF . My contact numbers are 0761550964 and 0729969287 . I would appreciate a positive reply

    Thank You

  25. im in rewlatch south of Johannesburg which branch to have to go join. I must say to the Chief of EFF welldone for the contribution you have set to the Nation of South Africa, first time in the history of SA we have someone who is willing to stand up for the really workers of this country, so know its more work and less talk.

  26. The radical movement of EFF. I love to join but have no info,and to parcitipate but don’t know the nearest branch. I’m in Protea Glen

  27. I’m one of the fighters who took our Commander in Chief to the Parliament i stay in kempton park Terenure i want to join this movement any contact numbers.

    please contact me on.0731010675

  28. Hi guys as I see you provided contacts numbers and email Address so what I want to know is that that email address are working or what because I have been sended a lot of emails but I don’t get any reply? Thanks

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  30. As a human and Limpopo resident I do understand what the EFF is that is why I have voted for it for a change, so I don’t know where to start but I stay from the place that doesn’t have Electricity and Roads. I don’t know why it takes so long for us to get what other people have please help the following places Sekopung, Gamakofane. I Would like to see changes that I voted for.

  31. Thank you Fighter….
    Can we please introduce umbutho wabantu @ Eastern Cape e.g Cala……..Lady Frere……..Quen stown…..please fighters

    1. No one in their office, will respond to your post. You rather go to their offices if you really want to join. Before the elections, they said they were busy with campaigning and we should, therefore, bear with them until the elections are over but I do not see them keeping their promise.

  32. Shame, Julius is a genius, and 1 million people voted for this idiot. Real clown isn’t he, standard 3 graduate, and he thinks he’s funny in parliament. What an oxygen thief…

      1. I like change and courage,I like it when someone calls a spade a spade,we have have been lied to and given empty promisses for far too long,I hope that Juju will come with a change

    1. Hi Nthabi,I had a problem in joining online,so I called and was given an adress in De korte street in Braamfontein,and I went there,try and call the head office at 011 403 2313,I hope this can help.Good Luck and keep fighting

  33. I am still wondering if I wasted my vote!!! The incident I saw on the news about the behavior of my organization is really saddening. It relates to hooliganism and “BOFARIKI”

    1. If you are not ready to embrace the spirit of ‘NO COMPROMISE’, exhibited by the EFF, you are welcome NOT to vote for the organisation next time around.

      The complacency that all other opposition parties in parliament have been sustaining, has NOT brought in the shock that’s needed to push the democracy to a successful and purposeful close. The EFF, in all its perceived uncouthness, represents THAT shock.

  34. Good day fighters

    I am a fellow fighter who reside in pretoria, it’s been 6 months I been suffering ftom neck meningitis symptoms but unfortunately I can’t afford specialists, my only hope was government hospitals but at steve biko academic n tshwane district I was turned away everytime with wortds that they only take emergencies, so if u aint bleeding you not an emergency.
    So citizen I would like Eff to help me and other failed citizens by organising a demonstration to the road that connect steve biko and tshwana district hospitals under the theme If it ain’t bleeding, its not an emergency,
    All I need is an x-ray, be diagnosed , get treatment n be a mother to my son,

  35. I also want to join, (see other comments above)and spoke to one or two coordinators,but no one gets back to me,so I paid,and filled in the form but I don’t know what to do with it.
    the demo against the hospital is a good idea,because no one does anything in our bankrupt health system,but EFF must say officially if they support the demo.

  36. EFF Vaal Triangle
    convener: Fighter Papi Maisela
    Contact: 0787955262
    #EFF Vaal Triangle

  37. I have just joined EFF,I have not as yet recieved an acknowledgement of my membership application,is there a waiting period or is there a place I should contact.To all the fighters out there lets keep on fighting

      1. noone gets back when you try to sitting with the membership form,and each one passes you to another,and noone gets back to you.looks good for the future??????

  38. I’m staying in hammaskraal and i want to join the job is a policeman. Maybe my fellow colleaque or my community are interested to be EFF members

  39. fighters i called the Gauteng regional office this morning with regard to the issues we raising on this platform,however i was adviced that this web address we using its not correct hence we don’t get the responds from the leadership,the correct one is

    please fighters lets us restrain from using this site and channel our commends and concerns to the right platform.

  40. Hy Fighters m proud 2b fighters,I ws assaultd 4 wearing Eff reGalia on 1st March 2014 @ Limpopo Zebediela m nw disabled.m stil saying I wl die 4 Commander in Chief Julius Malema I knw Eff wl help me 2 put bread on ma table.072 750 6226 or 084 727 8949

  41. All fighters in KZN Province ward 98 lets get together and knowing each other. Convener: Chris Ntuli, Contact o824265772. Join our whatsap group and get familiar with your local news and meetings

  42. it has never been so appropriate to contribute towards change of this republic,especially when the ruling party is setting the guidelines on how they must be opposed. my contribution will be by signing as a member of EFF and become as active as possible.

  43. I am concern about the level of unemployemnt in this country,many foreigners are employed,our government gives grands to our people to rfeed their chidren,the businesses employ foreigners,I mean really,are you saying to me that in this country we dont have people smart enough to be petrol attendants,shop assistance,,bankers,atc.

    This has to stop,may be we must take this up with our COS and see how can we sort this problem out.we must force the companies to start employing South Africans before they employ foreighners,our schools,Universities,Colleges,Technicons are well equiped to produce compitent employees.

    This businesse must look in the country first.the country is over populated ,but no one is willing to stop our borders,the foreighners are even arrogant enough to call South Africans lazy,stupid and useless.this has to stop.

    Figters ,let us take back our land ,our home,we cannot go any of this african states and claim to citisens,but they can do it here.


    1. Greetings

      I have completed my membership card 2013, but to date I haven’t received my card.fighters is it possible to check on EFF Support Website if one is member in good standing?

      First time user.

  45. If it come to a push and we atake arms against this government, I have a stash.
    ANC has killed Tatane, Marikana people and sold our land to be mined by foreigners. Continue to import foreigners into this country when we can do our own things.
    ANC must be stopped, only EFF can do that.

  46. I agree, we need to find out from the Commander In Chief and other fighters how and when can we start, it is sad what is happening in our country, foreigners do and walk as they please, they commit crime and boast about it, they call our people lazy, they use the ladies of this country, they don’t even pay tax, no wonder why the rand is so weak, they have take even the the lower income jobs, like cleaning, petrol attendance, security,domestic work, are you telling that we don’t have people for this jobs?

  47. Hi Fighters

    I would like to be Card carry Member of EFF and i am staying in Soweto (Tladi) please provide me with details where i will get help.


  48. The ANC has failed the people of South Africa, I think it was better before the ANC took control of the country, I am a small business person and I used to get business from the state before they came to power ,but now all the business goes to their families and close friends, if you did not go to exile you are nothing to the ANC ,but I think that is not fair since we could not all go to exile we had to stay behind and keep the candle burning for their return.

  49. hey admin can you please help with tshwane regional executive members contact.1. Benjamin Disoloane As Chairperson
    2. Moafrika Mabogwane As Deputy Chairperson
    3. Ntebo Mnguni As Deputy Secretary
    4. John Lekgothoane As Treasurer

    I STAY FROM THE PLACE THAT DOESN;T have water,i don,t know why it takes so long for us to get what others have, please help us consider the following places kgapane location,loss my chery,mapolankeng and other places, we are tired can EFF take action.go to that place and see VIVA EFF VIVA AND OTHER FIGHTERS. WHY………….

  51. Please fighters help us we have problem with Nkomati mine they don’t want to help us as the community for 10years now they don’t want to give jobs to our people and the mine is located in our area please we need help. hear is my contact 0766054225 am Eric

  52. Since the eff had been introduced im trying to get on hold of the members but it never happened. So I want to meet Malema I have an urgent story and too much members to join eff

  53. Hi fighters, help! I need to join EFF. Who can i contact? I’m at Limpopo Burgersfort. I’ve downloaded a membership form via internet but i dont know where to submit it

  54. Hi

    I would like assistance with setting up a branch in Rockville Soweto as many of us are disgruntled by the Anc and we would like to use the EFF platform to remove our so called leaders who only benefit them and not the “Board” masses that put them in power.

    Please assist.


  55. VIVA FIGHTERS VIVA.It shows there is a great lack of communcation right down at the grassroot level.We need to share the EFF information like workshops programmes , contacts , where and whom to contacts.I think it will be wise to escalate those issues to the National Office Bearers to make them aware of it.I know exactly were problems lies it is a foetal exercise but as EFF we will put more focus on them and resolve ASAP.Without you Fighters EFF is not existing.Keep the spirit of EFF rolling we will contacts you.VIVA EFF VIVA

  56. I love EFF a lot i just started to recruit so we can launch our branch.Now today we launch ward 9 maquassi hills ,dr KK.Re na le bothata ba batho ba kgale ba dutse mme ba batla go tla ka go laola .We dont know what todo as we are told we are new members

  57. iam a member of eff,i need help,since 2008 i bought a house, even now iam not staying in the house but iam paying the bond, cause of the commitee members of the place.

  58. Hi member of eff would you pls help us with the case no:27722/97 partaining to the farm owner who took our cattles from middelburg arnot farm

  59. I am phenius from Moses kotane local municipality I would and love to be an EFF member .we at my village we have more than 100 people who want a change in their lives and we have committed ourselves to EFF .

    So we want to launch in our area, so that by august we will have a say in municipal chamber

  60. Fighter Dali Mpofu
    I need assistance regarding law suit for 1.8m against truck dealership which sold me a truck which was not road worthy. They refused to take it back then decided to sell it.
    All losses, misrepresentation and dishonesty , is what I’m demanding to be paid as the truck did not operate even for 6 month but still they refused to take it back and refund me R760.000 I bought the truck with.
    Thabang Ledimo
    060 470 4455

  61. kehloka thuso yalona haesale kesokola ka mangolo atlhao abana hababatle honthusa.bana baka babatla hontshetsa bophelo babona pele baye dikolong empa habana dipasa kemathile di homaafiars tsengata badula ba bua ntho elenngwe.kehloka thuso yalona mr malema please 0710932459 -0630103541 elizabeth lefu.or conny lefu

  62. Are we, at some stage, going to know the candidates from EFF that we could vote for during the coming elections???? or is EFF not going to contest??? We want to make up our minds on time….

  63. Dear Sir/ Madam we were unfairly dismissed in the South African National Defence Force without 90 days notice of normal working days.80% of 2015 intake was dismissed with immediate effect without a valid reason. it is painful to all of us, since well majority of us we were having loans, clothing account and we are also breadwinners at our homes. it is also painful to all of us to see such big organization been so unprofessional and with full of lies, because the time they were recruiting us, it was in 2014 they promised us that all of 2014 intake we’ll sign five year contract after two year contract of MSDS,. they told us to use the skills that we’ve learned through that past two years of MSDS, our question in this requard is, if they say we should use skills that, they’ve tout us through past two years. should we go and commit crime? because we are tout how to fight with weapons and other heavy ammunition. in other way they are putting the country in danger and also increasing the crime rate. we will like you to help us to investigate this matter and to get our jobs back. your sincerely Unanimous

    1. I wish there was somebody to reply to this painful plea and concern. People cannot be to taught the tactics by the state and thereafter to be ignored and end up using them against rule of law. let this be one of the challenges to deal with this year.

  64. Compliment of the New Season 2017 .Hopefully all AmaFighters are well and fine .We have witness the success of EFF in 2016 and some we even took punishment of been the loyal supporters of EFF but it make us even more stronger. The journey still fresh and the workload ahead is too much guys.Lets prepare ourselves very well , educate AmaFighters ,service the communities to the fullest .CIC please clamp fraud and corruption within EFF.Lets share valuelable information please attend branches meeting , be loyal to yourself then you will loyal to EFF ,this is our party where our lives belong.Come 2019 and show what we are capable of . O MONATE O BA EFF SUPPORTERS

  65. Morning Fighter . Can you simply mention your problem or concern so that maybe one of us can address it without any escalating it to higher level . I wish good luck for you . O MONATE GOBA FIGHTER .

  66. I had been unemployed and filed for UIF. I shared my time in waiting in queues with fellow South African’s. I had been successful in securing work. And much to my surprise a in Sandton at an office park little China. Where the ratio of chinese to local employees are so heavily chinese. Whilst I realise that our country shares trade agreements with China that help boost our economy how can we stand by and allow an influx of chinese into our country. I am not xenophobic and understand fully the plight of the unemployed. Grant employment to our local South Africans.

    1. and the Chinese government has policies which prevent foreigners from doing work which can be done by locals. Foreigners are only allowed to teach English in China. Great countries lookout for their own, but not in the ANC government.

  67. I am a white male who is a freedom fighter of EFF for a year now, I need to get my uniform from a branch ?
    What happened yesterday was not suppose to happen as if that can happen in the safest house in AFRICA who is to say i am safe in my own house in JHB, we cannot allow the ANC to control the army and the miss use of our army and police they are there to protect us not abuse us.

    This cant go unpunished as it will be aloud to happen again and again.

    MR Malema, I fear sometimes when you talk about the white man x,y and z, however your movement for bettering the country of SOUTH AFRICA is what i like and what i follow, I am a true SOUTH AFRICAN as I speak 4 languages and my 3 best friends like my brothers are of different color..

    keep up the good work…

  68. Gone are the days of false and empty promises this country needs a government that can deliver and take accountability for its actions , every sector , every government department has been infested with corruption.We need to enforce stricter border controls , we need to protect South Africa and give South Africans the opportunity to empower themselves and live a better life , our current infrastructure is fractured and under huge pressure and a result of the massive influx of foreigners into South Africa without adequate control , I disagree with the statement that foreigners / illegally living contribute to our economy , their income is unregulated tax free and ordinary South African are paying a hard price for freedom in this democratic South Africa. EFF it’s time you take a different approach , you need to sit around a table with ordinary South Africans and gauge from there what your next move should be rather than hot heads entering parliament and making no impact. Lets meet and unpack this properly you need fresh minds around your table.You want to win this battle it’s going to take more than just red overalls and hard hats to be brutally honest.Keep South Africa for all South Africans who live in it and that bold step would secure your road to victory.

    Please do contact me I have some great ideas on how to structure the appropriate approach going forward.Change in tactics is needed as currently the EFF have become to predictable rather adopt the element of surprise soft elegant and most effective.

    Wait to hear from you.

    Thanks and regards.

  69. EFF Briefing in Braamfontein it’s not the first nor the last this is our leader South Africans take note.

    Mr Malema is absolutely correct ANC is available to the highest bigger and Mr Malema’s personal appearence and representation in parliament is vitally crucial as the ANC needs to be challenged.

    People of South Africa should take note and wake up the structures of EFF will continuely be erected and inroads will be made.Currently EFF holds no coalition with DA.
    Agreed SONA debate is a waste of time but protecting the constitution should not be negotiated upon.

    EFF will increase it’s footprint and the positives will be transperant.EFF will never accept corruption we will root out corruption.

    So I call upon all South Africans Blacks , Indians , Coloureds and Whites to realise and make decisive decisions to move in the right direction which is EFF.

    “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu

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