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  1. Brain neurology and chemistry we find in creatures not only determines the Psychology of a creature but also it’s Anatomy and Physiology of it’s claims to existence. here we consider The Human Afrikan, and the albino Mutant Primate brain conditioning.

    The Albino Mutant Primate Claim to Existence
    The Albino Mutant Primate claims it is the only creature born with the moral right to violently justify it’s existence and to violently get every other creature and everything in reality to justify it’s claim to truth and reality.
    Anatomy & Physiology: The Albino Mutant Primate creature, by brain neurology, developed a face like a human baby(amygdala), with the violent instinctive movements of a reptile(amygdala), using the body of a primate (Limbic). This creature is clearly not human and even tyrosinase injections with melanin tested on them, have not worked, so even living with them and dialogue with them will not work.

    Clinical recommendations: Quarantine

    Human Afrikan Claim to Existence
    Afrikan Humans, by brain condition can claim a free will opportunity with existence or reality, to be able to think of and see what their existence is for themselves,consider how they are thinking and acting in their existence and correct or confirm it as true, harmonious, balanced, correct, respectful, moral and orderly.
    Anatomy & Physiology: The Afrikan Human, by brain conditioning of it’s physical appearance and movement appears as a true depiction of the humans intended for this creation and existence. This human has the face of it’s originator, premeditated movements of it’s own free will and the body of it’s originator or Creator on earth.

    Clinical recommendations: taking time out to reflect on his/her thoughts of self, to confirm or correct them.

  2. THE TARGET IS YOU Back to psychology.

    Psychology is actually an exact science just like mathematics and physics.

    Here is what the Albino Mutant Primate is really after, and the only way it can act civilized or human.

    The Manipulation Procedure

    What the Albino Mutant wants is your attention to be away from your free will opportunity of your own existence and onto it’s violent innocence of existence.

    In other words, the Albino Mutant has no real human identity or identification and so uses it’s own identity composed of violence and innocence or innocent violence, to forcefully convince you that it’s identity is human and is for you and you can share in it’s concept of your existence. in effect, the Albino Mutant is claiming it makes you or allows you to be who you are and to think how it believes you should think about your education, trade, relationships, production of value and sex. The appeal to you is that you don’t have to be accountable for your thoughts and actions or yourself, just get a degree, get a job, do what it tells you, live and die, no responsibility, no worry for you,it will even kill your ‘enemies’ for you if you show you can do what it does, except that it is living at your expense. in effect, according to human standards, the Albino Mutant Identity is a criminal one, so it turns you into a criminal or gangster, sometimes disguised as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, president. All the titles it has and gives you are not realistic, even a doctor, teacher, president, anything that is taught through this Albino Primate identity, it is a fake imaginary disposition of logic and socializing. Sadly, many Afrikans, especially our leaders fall for this appeal, many ordinary citizens male and female fall for this innocent violence also.

    The Albino Mutant has the physical appearance of a Baby Primate( by physio-neurological formation) and so seems cute to us Afrikans, with it’s little nose, baby features and baby behavior, so much so, we want to marry it and protect it’s violent but innocent personality and demeanor.

    This creature should be our pet.

    Afrikan Adulthood

    Your Primary Duty and Responsibility is to your human neuro-physiological disposition, by existence. Meaning you have to pay attention and take time to think about your own thoughts(not the Albino Mutant’s) about your existence and reality, for the purpose of confirming your thoughts about yourself as right, if not to correct them, all by yourself, THIS IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF HUE-MAN.

    The real titles for civilization and education are psychological dispositions of human psychological care and council, from religious leaders, behavioral psychologist judges, behavioral psychology administrators, behavioral psychology social managers and legislators,behavioral psychology economists and producers, psychiatric nursing police and teachers trained in psychological order.

    If we focused on human corrective psychology as a social an diplomatic approach, not a single white person would qualify to live among us. We would have to, by science, classify them as not human or of general personality disorder and a dissociated creature (which is another word for beast).

    1. Psychology, is not an exact science it is a pseudoscience. If you want to argue please provide some mathematics to support your theory such as in physics the mathematical equation for the relationship between energy and matter is E=MC^2 so please provide the mathematical equation for the relationship of the conscious and the unconscious.

    From psychological research;

    PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH FOR SUCCESS WITH THE PEOPLE You must understand that it is psychological. The EFF must start by identifying the people realistically, facilitate a curriculum of training where individuals can identify themselves realistically. 1. Involve each individual in Production. 2. Involve every individual in Trade 3. Involve everyone in Social training and facilitation 4. Involve everyone in Marriage self training and facilitation. 5. involve everyone in defense, security and self correction facilitation

  4. Good afternoon freedom fighters.

    Thank you for the positive impact you’ve brought into our country.

    Our political status in the country is transforming for the better, keep up the good work.

    I am a victim of injustice in the Department of Higher Education whereby political cronies continues to undermine the Human Rights of South Africa citezen this day and age. Democracy to major political Stakeholder, in particular those affiliated to unions that are linked to advocacy of corruption, maladministration and nepotism, mainly in the public sector continues to be rive.

    I therefore wish to bring these vital dialima to the freedom fighters with a hope to see justice served in the Education fraternity, in particular, TVET colleges and Universities under the banner of Department of Higher Education.

    This is the sector that is still overlooked and constantly mismanaged by those who beleive to be owning education and training in this country.

    Exigency on how the ordinary people are being treated by those who believed to be politically connected and undermines the ethoes and clean governance in all Conners and offices dealing with education and training in this beautiful country of our needs to be brought to book, and work on Restoration of clean governance, quality education and fair Labour practices.

    I challenge the freedom fighters to join me in the fight against the injustice and poverty caused by unethical conduct and maladministration of state resources, in particular within the TVET college sector. Please give me a signal!!!

  5. Mr Malema
    Do you know about this state own Mine that Is at Ogies Mpumalanga. The is a lot of corruption happening here. 1 the is no medical aid for employees but in the contract of employment it is compasary to have it when the company have to contribute the change to say it is not compasary to have medical aid but the don t change the contract, now the employees they were intintled for yearly bonus but only management and CEO got the bonus the said employees they didn’t reaches the target but the question is where they bonuses come from because the target is not reached. Today ANC MPs and Mandla Mandela visited the mine but nothing said to employees but they visit

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