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  1. Brain neurology and chemistry we find in creatures not only determines the Psychology of a creature but also it’s Anatomy and Physiology of it’s claims to existence. here we consider The Human Afrikan, and the albino Mutant Primate brain conditioning.

    The Albino Mutant Primate Claim to Existence
    The Albino Mutant Primate claims it is the only creature born with the moral right to violently justify it’s existence and to violently get every other creature and everything in reality to justify it’s claim to truth and reality.
    Anatomy & Physiology: The Albino Mutant Primate creature, by brain neurology, developed a face like a human baby(amygdala), with the violent instinctive movements of a reptile(amygdala), using the body of a primate (Limbic). This creature is clearly not human and even tyrosinase injections with melanin tested on them, have not worked, so even living with them and dialogue with them will not work.

    Clinical recommendations: Quarantine

    Human Afrikan Claim to Existence
    Afrikan Humans, by brain condition can claim a free will opportunity with existence or reality, to be able to think of and see what their existence is for themselves,consider how they are thinking and acting in their existence and correct or confirm it as true, harmonious, balanced, correct, respectful, moral and orderly.
    Anatomy & Physiology: The Afrikan Human, by brain conditioning of it’s physical appearance and movement appears as a true depiction of the humans intended for this creation and existence. This human has the face of it’s originator, premeditated movements of it’s own free will and the body of it’s originator or Creator on earth.

    Clinical recommendations: taking time out to reflect on his/her thoughts of self, to confirm or correct them.

  2. THE TARGET IS YOU Back to psychology.

    Psychology is actually an exact science just like mathematics and physics.

    Here is what the Albino Mutant Primate is really after, and the only way it can act civilized or human.

    The Manipulation Procedure

    What the Albino Mutant wants is your attention to be away from your free will opportunity of your own existence and onto it’s violent innocence of existence.

    In other words, the Albino Mutant has no real human identity or identification and so uses it’s own identity composed of violence and innocence or innocent violence, to forcefully convince you that it’s identity is human and is for you and you can share in it’s concept of your existence. in effect, the Albino Mutant is claiming it makes you or allows you to be who you are and to think how it believes you should think about your education, trade, relationships, production of value and sex. The appeal to you is that you don’t have to be accountable for your thoughts and actions or yourself, just get a degree, get a job, do what it tells you, live and die, no responsibility, no worry for you,it will even kill your ‘enemies’ for you if you show you can do what it does, except that it is living at your expense. in effect, according to human standards, the Albino Mutant Identity is a criminal one, so it turns you into a criminal or gangster, sometimes disguised as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, president. All the titles it has and gives you are not realistic, even a doctor, teacher, president, anything that is taught through this Albino Primate identity, it is a fake imaginary disposition of logic and socializing. Sadly, many Afrikans, especially our leaders fall for this appeal, many ordinary citizens male and female fall for this innocent violence also.

    The Albino Mutant has the physical appearance of a Baby Primate( by physio-neurological formation) and so seems cute to us Afrikans, with it’s little nose, baby features and baby behavior, so much so, we want to marry it and protect it’s violent but innocent personality and demeanor.

    This creature should be our pet.

    Afrikan Adulthood

    Your Primary Duty and Responsibility is to your human neuro-physiological disposition, by existence. Meaning you have to pay attention and take time to think about your own thoughts(not the Albino Mutant’s) about your existence and reality, for the purpose of confirming your thoughts about yourself as right, if not to correct them, all by yourself, THIS IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF HUE-MAN.

    The real titles for civilization and education are psychological dispositions of human psychological care and council, from religious leaders, behavioral psychologist judges, behavioral psychology administrators, behavioral psychology social managers and legislators,behavioral psychology economists and producers, psychiatric nursing police and teachers trained in psychological order.

    If we focused on human corrective psychology as a social an diplomatic approach, not a single white person would qualify to live among us. We would have to, by science, classify them as not human or of general personality disorder and a dissociated creature (which is another word for beast).

    1. Psychology, is not an exact science it is a pseudoscience. If you want to argue please provide some mathematics to support your theory such as in physics the mathematical equation for the relationship between energy and matter is E=MC^2 so please provide the mathematical equation for the relationship of the conscious and the unconscious.

    2. Wow, you really soud just like them, white people, so much hate? And remeber that, you are a product of their filth too, you had to learn what you just wrote, right? Now that doesnt make you any better than them, with your classy english, and gramma and all, grow up man, hate makes you look unreasonable.

    From psychological research;

    PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACH FOR SUCCESS WITH THE PEOPLE You must understand that it is psychological. The EFF must start by identifying the people realistically, facilitate a curriculum of training where individuals can identify themselves realistically. 1. Involve each individual in Production. 2. Involve every individual in Trade 3. Involve everyone in Social training and facilitation 4. Involve everyone in Marriage self training and facilitation. 5. involve everyone in defense, security and self correction facilitation

  4. Good afternoon freedom fighters.

    Thank you for the positive impact you’ve brought into our country.

    Our political status in the country is transforming for the better, keep up the good work.

    I am a victim of injustice in the Department of Higher Education whereby political cronies continues to undermine the Human Rights of South Africa citezen this day and age. Democracy to major political Stakeholder, in particular those affiliated to unions that are linked to advocacy of corruption, maladministration and nepotism, mainly in the public sector continues to be rive.

    I therefore wish to bring these vital dialima to the freedom fighters with a hope to see justice served in the Education fraternity, in particular, TVET colleges and Universities under the banner of Department of Higher Education.

    This is the sector that is still overlooked and constantly mismanaged by those who beleive to be owning education and training in this country.

    Exigency on how the ordinary people are being treated by those who believed to be politically connected and undermines the ethoes and clean governance in all Conners and offices dealing with education and training in this beautiful country of our needs to be brought to book, and work on Restoration of clean governance, quality education and fair Labour practices.

    I challenge the freedom fighters to join me in the fight against the injustice and poverty caused by unethical conduct and maladministration of state resources, in particular within the TVET college sector. Please give me a signal!!!

  5. Mr Malema
    Do you know about this state own Mine that Is at Ogies Mpumalanga. The is a lot of corruption happening here. 1 the is no medical aid for employees but in the contract of employment it is compasary to have it when the company have to contribute the change to say it is not compasary to have medical aid but the don t change the contract, now the employees they were intintled for yearly bonus but only management and CEO got the bonus the said employees they didn’t reaches the target but the question is where they bonuses come from because the target is not reached. Today ANC MPs and Mandla Mandela visited the mine but nothing said to employees but they visit

  6. Fighters, i am a temporary employee of UNISA, i have been working for this Institution for year, we are a team of 150 plus, the institution is big and aware of our contitutional rights, but we are runned and controlled single handedly by a man and his accomplice for their own interests, we seek your support, loyalty and interest in our movement, we are told we will be send off end of Aug, so they “the superiors” csn bring in their siblings and people of choice on our expense, Fighters we kindly pleading for your assistance…


    Pretoria UNISA temps

    1. Manqoba, you and your colleagues should take matters into your own hands rather than rely on political parties.
      Firstly write to the head of the department outlining your concerns. Don’t be emotional just state the facts.
      Secondly don’t wait for a reply find a labour organisation who can take up your grevience
      Thirdly if UNISA has a legal department consult them and get them to help you from a legal point

  7. Good day Fighters, My name is Teboho Ishmael Mokhachane one of the qualified traffic wardens trained under the city of Johannesburg metro police department in 2013 and I hold a traffic wardens certificate. I’ve applied to the recent advised posts and I haven’t been contacted but I see others are already appointed and working. Can you please assist me in this regard by looking into the appointment criteria of this posts and as to why was I not contacted and employed as I am as qualified as the other’s who are now appointed. My SAP number is 30079991 and my names are Teboho Ishmael Mokhachane. Your assistance will be highly appreciated. This South Africa is for all and we should all benefit the same opportunities “I believe so” please fighters look into the matter and please do justice to it. I’ve been unemployed since 2013 after completing the traffic wardens training at the JMPD Academy and i thought I’m gonna be employed from this post but I’m still at home to this date. Please assist me fighters. Yours in Hope. Teboho Mokhachane

    1. Have you tried to find out why the “others” got promoted and not you. The may be some matter on your side that is preventing promotion. Dont say there is no matter, as it is up to the Metro Police to say if there is a matter or not.

  8. You definitely loosing support from the Indians.Guess Mr Shivambu doesnt know politics as far back .He is just as corrupt as his president.Both Malema and Floyd will have their days.Fool the people but you cant fool God.
    Use the poor to exploite your own greed for wealth.Well done.

  9. My name is Trust Masiye and I have a small upcoming black owned construction company. I was approached by a White guy from Vanderbijlpark and he gave me a subcontract to build a mansion and he was the main contractor. I signed the contract with this guy as a sub contractor and the project was worth 8.5 million. The project was funded by a Trust, so we were supposed to draw the money after every stage. I brought Shutters and building material on site worth more than R900 000.00 in April and once we brought all those building material. the contractor kicked us off site and he has been using our shutters from April to today and he even denied us access into site . now I’m sitting with a bill of over R500 000.00 FROM Form Scaffollding now and he he not picking up my call, if I go there he avoids me. No money to pay the Lawyers . Please help in any way possible. My email is [email protected], or call 065 176 5876. your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated

    1. Go to the police as he has no right to claim your property, if you can prove it is yours and get Form Scaff to help you

  10. I’ve been trying for months to get hold of CIC Malema and am busy being passed from one place to the other by the people he has put in leadership. I am trying to help and Save Africa/all human beings as the Mother of the Nation. Julius asked mama Winnie for a signal and now that it’s arrived they are refusing me.

    Someone needs to translate the EFF bible and Remind Mbuyiseni Dlozi why his named that.

    Twice in this book, mention is made of a group consisting of 144,000. In chapter 7:1ff John heard of 144,000 (12,000 each from twelve different Israelite tribes) servants of God who had been sealed on their foreheads. They were thus obviously redeemed people

  11. I am a fighter from Buffalo city metro municipal.this region was elected under fraud because there are branches that launched without a quorum.and the leaders at region dont assist at recruiting new members.all they do is scratching names that go to the provincial people assemble and disbanded other branches.these region members dont unity the bcmm it dividing it. At regionally meetings we members get bully and sweared by region meetings.I am so tired some of the fighters left the party.also people we not treated good at the 5th anniversary at mdantsane.people at branch level complaint about tshirts.those people at region office hold question is when the eff treat people like this how are we going to get votes

  12. Dear Editor – Mail and Guardian

    Let me start by saying that I chose you because you are credible and your stories are always true and I trust your judgement and investigations you always undertake.

    I am sure that you have never thought of investigating the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA)?

    They are doing a good job in terms of protecting the people outside of the CCMA except for their employees, those who bring cases to the CCMA are guaranteed a good outcome wrt awards and so on but, the employees of the CCMA are told that you will never win it.

    Let Us Start as Follows:

    1. Labour Union of the CCMA

    Employees are forced to join only one Union (CSA – Commissioner Staff Association) at the CCMA which does not represent the employees in anything. The officials who are leaders in the “Union” are actually there to protect their jobs as they are scared to challenge management on any issue affecting the employees.

    Some employees of the CCMA especially at the National Office have joined NUMSA and have since been threatened and told to cancel their membership and return back to CSA or face disciplinary actions. The employees actually joined NUMSA after realizing that a number of people are being suspended and then not return to work as they are advised to settle. The CSA does nothing as those leading the Unions are employees of the CCMA, we have been told that we cannot affiliate with other Unions as it will be a conflict of interest- is this true or they just want to victimize the employees?

    Of importance is that the CSA is not affiliated to any federation. In the past +-3 years to date +- 10 officials have been suspended at the National Office alone e.g. CFO (did not last six months), Supply Chain Manager (did not last four months), Manager Finance (did not last two years), Some Senior Commissioner – still at home, HR Manager – Commissioner Recruitment (decided to settle), another HR official – Benefits (decided to settle) to mention just a few. As we speak there are a number of hearings for those who have findings, really now. I will advise that you request the staff turnover or our vacancy rate which they hid to the Deputy Minister of Labour. I wish to advise that you follow up on these guys that I have mentioned above as they can shed some light on what is happening at the CCMA.

    2. The Deputy Minister of Labour

    The Deputy Minister came after hearing that there are challenges at the CCMA and that the employees are not happy, they asked questions and made promises to employees but never kept their promise. Most of the employees who spoke during his visit have since been victimized and there was this lady who was even told to leave immediately and her stuff thrown out after she told them that she is resigning for another job- for ease of access to her, I think she is now with Denel or something. The DM came because he heard of challenges employees are facing under the management of the CCMA and I can tell you staff members are suffering especially at head office. Processes are not followed when suspensions take place and then dismissal but, the public should believe and have their trust and faith on the CCMA.

    The DM and his entourage has failed the staff of the CCMA National Office as they are victimized almost every day and are working in fear. Finance, Supply Chain, HR, and Legal are the most affected by these suspensions and settlements. Get any employee of the CCMA at head office who is not afraid to lose their job and ask how they doing, they will tell you. Careers have been destroyed and lives have ended as people lost whatever they owned after suspensions and dismissals – the talk is that you will never win should you take on the CCMA.

    3. Victimization, Bullying

    I used this platform for fear of being victimized as well and seeing that I might be next decided to share with you. Warning Letters are the order of the day at the CCMA, especially in HR and the other departments mentioned above, I work in one of these units mentioned in this email and I know there will be a witch hunt soon. No one is safe at the CCMA – National Office except those who have been brought in by Management, they are atleast protected.

    We turn to blame people when they go on strike and vandalize and I tell you, the CCMA Staff at the National office are fed up and they are contemplating a strike soon. Those who have joined NUMSA are or have been victimized and bullied as well. We really need your help to get this to stop and maybe employees will start working without fear.

    4. Promotions

    This is a challenge, there is this official who appeared on your paper as one of the top 200 young women leaders, check her out as to how many times within three years or less has she been promoted? What is it that she is doing right that the others do not master? You are Journalists and I want to believe that you will dig deeper than that, you will get more – I put my trust in you.

    5. Leadership

    There’s no leadership there, check the credibility of these leaders and am talking of the top 7. Most employees are not happy and are sick because of the environment and conditions they work under.

    6. I think what happened at SARS with Tom Moyane at the helm is exactly happening at the CCMA – IT IS VERY SAD.

    I will starting today send emails e.g. should there be another suspension from now, I will update you. I have your email so will definitely update you because employees are in fear. What do one do when lives are threatened, do you run or cry for help?

    Yours in Fear,


  13. Government wants to fight the jobless people at next elections and keep us poor and this is the second letter to parliament where we are fighting for jobs.

    After reading this letter join us so that the jobless people of South Africa can stand up to government and demand that they stop preventing job creation in order to keep us poor and buy votes at election time

    Zandspruit Informal Settlements
    Poverty Action Group – Aubrey Matlape Contact
    [email protected]

    Dear Deputy Speaker Tsenoli 23 July 2018
    We thank you for your reply dated the 6 June. Nearly six weeks since you wrote to Ms Fubbs, she has not contacted us. .Our engineers told us not to expect a reply as they tried to engage with Ms Fubbs on a few occasions without her replying. They said that she, like Davies are economist with no experience in industrial development, and neither can function in an industrial world and make the technically informed decisions needed to lift black people out of poverty.
    As we are part of the millions of young black jobless people who government ignores, and as we have not heard from Ms Fubbs about government refunding our engineers as the EU asked the dti to do, we decided the following: ,
    1. We asked our engineers to write to President Ramaphosa spelling out how government forced poverty upon black people and providing easy access to the facts from the web.
    2. We also asked them to write to all parliamentarians, provincial leaders and the media detailing, using their term, the mechanics of how government forced poverty upon us.
    The letter to the President provides anyone easy access to our engineer’s library showing how we were forced into poverty since 1994. In the letter to the MP’s and party leaders they are asked what are they going to do to help us. We will also ask opposition leaders to mobilize their youth wing to use the correspondence as evidence showing how the ANC for 24 years forced poverty upon us.
    None of this is necessary if government pays the money to our engineers as the EU asked the dti to do.
    With these funds, our engineers will recreate the 2011 tool room. This is necessary to teach us how to make production tooling as they did then and from that production tooling, we can again develop a proof factory. In this proof factory, we will manufacture a few show houses, place them in a number of informal settlements, organise Stokvel Banks and purchase factories manufacturing four houses per day. This will enable the Stokvel to own a community factory initially manufacturing houses and classrooms for their own community. From the skills, learnt, our engineers will help us transform the house factories into general manufacturing through product engineering. RDP housing therefore is only the catalyst used to create general manufacturing in low skilled communities countrywide. In 1986 Kwa Ford and Soweto-On-Sea and in 2011 Zandspruit demonstrated that with the help of engineers, informal settlements could develop industries that could lift many people out of poverty.
    We hope you can prevent this impending battle between the jobless people of SA and the ANC government-taking place as it is in no one’s interest
    Aubrey Matlape

  14. Common Sense Psychological Facts that Every Creature Must Satisfy

    If you lose your brain or mind, you cannot know what is real and what is not real

    Everything in existence has a mental self identification or personal identification, making it possible for humans to identify everything

    Creation is by a personal identification of the identification of existence

    Nothing can identify itself outside of existence except the Afrikan self awareness and self correction (conscious justice)

    Nothing that identifies itself as human will ever mistreat, disrespect, hurt, enslave humans or identify humans as different from itself

    Nothing that identifies itself as human, needs to be reminded to identify humans as human or to do good to humanity

    True logic is never formed outside human self identification or outside the reality a human sees for themselves, since it needs humans and reality to become true logic(therefore, no school curriculum, I.Q. test or product is authentic without recognizing and including the reality of the Afrikan Human)

    Human Ownership of printed money, economics, freedom, society, nations, wealth, people, weapons, skill and ability is not authentic unless the human ownership identifies, respects and recognizes each and every human being as part of the ownership, otherwise it is not human ownership but ownership by another species. Just like we have seen with the White Hominids, it’s ownership of human civilization does not recognize or include Afrikan Humans

    Just as was discovered in Nubia and Nabta Playa in Afrika, 10,000 -100,000 years ago, identification of oneself and identification of existence is how humans learn, earth is the classroom, the universe is the black board, thoughts are the chalk, existence is education. Recognize existence and you will be learned.

  15. Capitalism is the white fantasy mentality of replacement of the way the individual Afrikan Human & even the white resurrected primate & virus animated corpse is created to think of self and of reality, with Colonization Mutant Primate Virus thought of itself and reality. So capitalism is the colonial self optimism and colonial self love of the Mutant Primate Virus, about resources and values, land, water, food, women, self validated in colonial thought and using Higher Emotion of colonial self-aggression to get it. This means the Mutant Primate Virus Races will be violent to you then cause you to think violent of each other and portray you as violent and in need of colonial validation logic education. So, what White Races teach as economics even in their universities is the justification of sociopathic behaviors of robbery with violence and the starvation, military aggression, deprivation, sexual exploitation and enslavement of victims of the robbery. This is a belief Virus gives the Mutant Primate and they identify themselves as emotionally validated intellectually by this sociopathic and dissociated behavior called capitalism.

    Capitalist Currency
    In the colonial mindset of the virus, the Mutant Neanderthal prints paper then by emotional validation to colonize it violently identifies itself as owner of all resources & existence by the printed paper through self love and self optimism as the only logic curriculum that it’s victims must acquire and demonstrate as a value, in order to share in the currency it printed.

    So to the White Races, printed and other currencies are permission to exist that the White Mutant Primate Virus gives to Afrikans and it’s own kind, if Afrikans agree to be encoded logically into colonial self identification.


    The only survival mechanism left for Afrikans is to submit to white colonial logic over their own lives or start their own businesses, PRINT MONEY AND PAY INDIVIDUALS FOR VOVATIONAL COLLAGE ATTENDANCE AND ACHIEVEMENT OWN THE LAND, FOOD PRODUCTION & WOMEN

    1. What a load of rubbish. It is capitalism that made made Japan and China great apart from whites and it is the corruption of capitalism that keeps Africa poor. At least the Afrikaner created more jobs for black people than what the ANC are doing. In apartheid under 50% of black people were living in poverty and now over 67%.

      Your frustration like so many black people is that you have not realised that it is not capitalism that made white people wealthy but the ability to use science and mathematics to create technology and use technology to create productive industry. In order to hide the inability of Africa to develop the scientists and technologies Black Africans need to demonise those who can develop the science and mathematics to create industry and wealth. It is called scapegoating.

      Capitalism in not the root cause of whites wealth it is the industrial revolution we started over 200 years ago and the reason we were able to create wealth was through science and mathematics. It was capitalism that enabled the production technology we invented to then grow around the world. Every country in the world owes their industrial development knowledge to Britain where the Industrial Revolution started.

      So get off your backside, stop writing rubbish and go and study science and mathematics at an engineering school or university, because your entire argument is simply hot air.

      1. We would go study science and mathematics if the Universities would allow us to. I know of 3 matriculants with 7 distinctions who could not be admitted at the University of Pretoria and there was no proper reason stated. Instead they were being sent from pilar to post until such a time where the University told them that registrations have closed. So sit your ass down and relax. Oh and where are all these white people with maths and science? because I know of a lot of companies where black people are lead by a bunch of white QBE’s (Qualified by Experience) with no formal education

        1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and go out and make things work for you instead of pointing fingers at others successes as excuses for your failures. Do you think that whites got where they are by been weak kneed as you are telling me you are.

        2. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and show some back bone to make things work for you. Do you think that whites got where they are by pointing fingers as success to hide ones failures. Stop making excuses for your failures because that is what you are telling me.

  16. Good day EFF and CIC. Malema and all African children,
    I am one of your brothers who always cry for my matter Africa and ask my Self when and how she will be free? But now the only hope that I have is you and am relaying on you dear brothers and sisters of South Africa to help me bring Democracy stability and peace in my country the DR Congo.
    For all ideas and comments I can be reached on this Email : [email protected].
    I thank you. Cesar.

  17. VBS and Shivambu.Why is not a surprise.Thats the reason you wanted Mr Momaniat out so you and Mr Malema could begin your own state capture.The EFF will be exposed with all the dodgy deals .You are not leaders but there to line up the pockets of yousrselves and your friends.Stop using the poor for your own interests.Bear in mind GOD knows everything.Fool the poor but you cant fool GOD.

    1. Neo, the Zandspruit Squatter Camp Poverty Action Group showed government how to industrialise all squatter camps and create jobs. This was confirmed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

      If you want to stop government fooling the poor, Zandspruit will show how government deliberately forced poverty upon 10 million unemployed and how you can become a part of bringing this to the 10 millions attention at election time. Anyone interested can contact [email protected]

  18. In death, free will is given up, free will is the determination of an existence, free will is reality, free will is the will to live. There is only one free will for all, each existence with it’s own. How free will is made use of determines the existence of a creature. Here is the difference between Human and Viral free will use.


    For the white mutant hominids, their free will and the free will of those who follow them is the virus. This means their only free will and choice of existence is:

     Denial of or blindness to the Free Will of the state of things as they actually exist (denying the hominid it’s actual melanin existence).

    Afrikan Human

    For the Afrikan Human free will is the self justification by existence, by itself, and by it’s own choice and chance, which is:

     The Free Will state of things as they actually exist

    White Hominid Virus Mutant

    The virus blocks the existence of the hominid as it actually existed and therefore forms a mutant hominid that is a physical and mental denial of how the hominid is supposed to exist and identify itself. Instead of melanin pigmented, it is white, a denial of it’s free will and true appearance of existence. So the existence and survival of the white races depends on the denial of the existence of everything, in order to exist at the expense of everything else, especially Afrikans.

    The White Virus Hominid Mutant exists to deny the existence of the Afrikan’s NEEDS, meaning independent chance of INNOVATION, PRODUCTION, SUPPLY, PRINTING OF MONEY, PRICING, ECONOMY & RESOURCES. The white races and mixed races are against the natural order of existence.

    1. Bigoted verbal garbage by a man who cannot compete in modern society so he has to blame his poor performance on a white minority who are generally competitive and do not expect life to hand anything to them on a plate but work and study hard for it. Grow up you pathetic man who wallows in failure and tries to get blacks climbing the ladder of success to wallow in his self pity..

  19. Black people have a Free Will right of identification with the land and with whatever needs they have and with production of those needs. White people don’t have any power, they just want to distract you from believing in yourselves and in what you can do independently. They want you to fear going against them. The son’s and daughters of Shaka and the Khoisan cannot be made to fear ignoring whites. Afrikans do not owe white people a living. A white run country was and with their black puppets, is, absurd, illogical, impossible, unreal, unusable, unworkable and useless to Afrikans.

  20. Without embracing the power that white mainly British people developed when starting the industrial revolution, resulted in the economic transformation of Europe, the USA, Japan, Korea, China, India and has left Africa powerless. You don’t understand power, where it comes from and how to use it in creating wealth that is why 10 million people are jobless in South Africa, so you have to blame whites who know how to create and use power for your inadequacies.

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