Compete for degrees, not jeans, Malema tells youth

By MZWANELE MKALIPI, 17 March 2014

Malema Daily Sun

“TWENTY years of not thinking properly must come to an end!

Economic Freedom Fighters’ Leader Julius Malema lashed out at the ANC at a rally in Mandela Park Stadium in Khayelitsha on Saturday.

Malema urged the thousands who attended the event to go out and mobilise more people to join the EFF. He said the EFF was there to “reclaim the land from imperialists and colonists” and Premier Helen Zille’s “racist regime”. He called on the youth to make education fashionable and compete for degrees, not cellphones or jeans. “We feel very blessed after the Khoisan Kingdom slaughtered a goat for us when we visited them on Friday. The Khoisan have a beautiful language and we want to fight for it to be included as one of the official languages of this country.

This language must be taught at school so it doesn’t die a slow death,” he said.
Malema said those who were questioning why they needed land had the “mind of a rat and forget easily”. He said there wasn’t a good story to tell when people still lived in shacks and used porta-potties.


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