Ban the Flying of the Old South African Flag – Please sign and share this petition

Events of Monday, 30 October have shown that there are certain members of South African society who can’t be trusted to behave in a rational, non-confrontational, respectful manner. Flying the old South African flag – and singing the full verses of Die Stem in insolation from the rest of our national anthem – on a day that was ostensibly meant to unite people in a common cause, was nothing short of irresponsible and insulting to the people who were brutalised under the Apartheid system.

It’s time to follow in the footsteps of Germany’s Strafgesetzbuch (Criminal Code). The law prohibits the distribution or public use of symbols of unconstitutional groups—in particular, flags, insignia, uniforms, slogans and forms of greeting.

In order to get this done, we need to petition the Constitutional Court of South Africa. With enough signatures in support of this ban, we will approach a lawyer or legal advisor to assist us in lobbying the court to hear this matter.

If anyone wants to see the old South African flag for heritage or learning purposes, they will be welcome to visit one of our national or local museums, of which there are many.

This is the perfect opportunity for us to be vocal about rejecting symbols that are very painful for our people.

“Fools multiply when wise men stay silent.” – Nelson Mandela

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