ANC slams EFF’s ‘unparliamentary’ behaviour

CityPress/Sapa, 20 June 2014

The office of the ANC chief whip has condemned the “atrocious behaviour” in the National Assembly by Economic Freedom Fighters MPs.

Spokesperson Moloto Mothapo said last night: “The chairperson had ruled the remarks by EFF leader Julius Malema as unparliamentary following his claim in the House yesterday that ‘the ANC government killed the people of Marikana’.

“The chairperson found that Malema’s utterances were false, misleading, malicious and therefore inconsistent with the decorum of the House.”

Malema refused to withdraw his remarks and led his party members on a walkout after the presiding officer ordered him to leave.

“During their walkout, the EFF MPs howled and barked several derogatory utterances and made disturbing gestures.

“Such outrageous conduct not only brought the House into disrepute, but has never been seen in the 20-year history of this democratic Parliament.”

Mothapo said the office of the ANC chief whip welcomed the indication that Parliament would investigate the matter with a view to bring all involved to book.

“Such abhorrent behaviour, disguised as ‘militancy’ or ‘radicalism’ makes a complete mockery of this institution and is contemptuous to the people of South Africa on whose behalf this Parliament exists,” he said.

– Sapa



2 thoughts on “ANC slams EFF’s ‘unparliamentary’ behaviour

  1. I do realy like what the EFF is doing for South Africans as a favour to help people’s voice to be heard, bcos ANC perlamentaries cry tears for thier families,whereas they been voted by citizens.The Style used there is locked is not friendly to us.

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