Afrikaner EFF member urges whites to share or cry

Kotze says the abuse he’s received comes from a racist mentality. (SABC)

Kotze says the abuse he’s received comes from a racist mentality. (SABC)

SABC, 18 January 2014

An Afrikaans speaking member of Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says whites need to come to the table and share or they will cry.

Speaking to the SABC on Saturday, Wiekus Kotze says he’s received ‘24hour non-stop abuse’ on social networking sites resulting in him closing his twitter account.

“Your name is on a bullet, you’re a traitor and you’re a disgrace to your white skin,”  Kotze describing some of the abuse he’s received.

Kotze says the abuse and threats came after his appointment into the Gauteng EFF’s central structure last week. However, he says he is not bothered by the online bashing saying the abuse comes from a racist mentality.

“Change is painful but change is going to come, after 2014 elections for sure there is going to be a new landscape of politics in this country. So if you not willing to give or share what you have, it’s going to be very painful for them. So they need to come to the table  or they going to cry,” he says.

-> [SABC Video] Interview with Wiekus Kotze, the first Afrikaner EFF


2 thoughts on “Afrikaner EFF member urges whites to share or cry

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