A home for ”whities” in SA who are African Language Literate

Dear Julius

I admire your tenacity and unyielding attitude of non surrender.  I don’t always believe your tactics are the correctly executed, but I am with you on one thing – as one of those ”whities’ in SA who can speak, read and write an African Language.

I agree that we should all make an effort to learn an African language.

However, discriminating on the basis of language is a fine line to walk – is this not what …. who did you spend a lot of time depicting yesterday – Louis Botha – is this not what he and the other Super Afrikaaners did?  You do have a nice smile though!

-> [SABC Video] Julius Malema reacts to SONA 2014 in parliament

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3 Replies to “A home for ”whities” in SA who are African Language Literate”

  1. I as young black woman I feel that white ppl dnt make an effort to learn our African language’s which its us black ppl that have to learn all 11 official languages, the youth of 1976 fought for that oppression and yet still no change is made the truth is MR ZUMA is not been a true cultural man, white ppl will never respect us as RASTA WOMAN with my own believes I hope MR Malema will stand for us black ppl we r still oppressed yet wats sad is by the black government.

  2. Is time for whites to learn our languages. We gave them chance to learn afrikaans at school so that we can communicate with them, so now is their time to introduce african languages at their school.

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