A cry of a South African, I am oppressed in my own Country!

I am a South African woman born in the dusty streets of Evaton in1983.

It was very cold on the day I was born, Mama recalls failing to put on socks on her cold feet because of the baby bump, with my Police father absent due to work she really struggled.

During that time, her struggles were not only those of a pregnant woman, but because she was a black woman she suffered oppression, from the white regime. My father being a police man did not make them immune to the struggles faced by the black society, in fact it was worse for my poor Babakhe. He had to witness, take part in beating, arresting and abusing his fellow people.

Mama’s contractions did not allow her to go Sebokeng hospital, public hospital; while my father’s white colleagues had medical aid my babakhe did not have it. Mama decided to go to Muthi house owned by MaMkhize the former mid wife, MaMkhize helped to bring the baby girl into this world, world full of oppression, inequality, prejudice, poverty, you name them.

What had to be Mama’s joyful time turned to sorrow as her new born was not crying. Thanks to MaMkhize, she burnt impepho, an African essence the baby cried, Hallelujah there was a sign of life.

Babakhe named me Lucia, a Latin name for Light, I definitely have to be the Light, and the Word of God says I am the light of the world.


I was born and raised during the apartheid era but I luckily did not experience oppression at first hand like my parents, while I was young Mandela was released from prison, then he was inaugurated as the first black South African president, but you know the story our freedom did not come easy like that our freedom came through blood, our people fled to neighboring countries to hide for their safety, others were arrested.


Today, in what is called new South Africa, I suffer in the hands of foreigners.

Our government allowed them (foreigners) to take over, to ruin what our people died for.

Today South Africa is free, students are enjoying free education, and free houses are built for the poor, unemployed parents receive grants for their children.

But the unemployment rate is still high; poverty has become a way of life, young people are suffering substance abuse, corruption is a song sang by all in high positions of the government.

The houses built for our people are occupied by foreigners, every spaza shop is owned by foreigners, the youth is been given drugs by foreigners, girls are being abducted by foreigners.

I might sound insensitive to you right now, but I invite you to visit our townships and see this yourself.


I cry today because I am being oppressed today in my own country, in my work place, by a foreigner.

I cry today because I am being oppressed for I am a subordinate in the workplace that protects its Managers when they abuse power.

I cry today because the position I occupy today in my workplace was occupied by an oppressed employee who chose to run away rather than taking a stand.

I cry today because I understand that she chose her sanity over her work, but I am not going to do the same. I choose to fight.

I cry today because I though a foreigner will be recruited to fill the skill gap, but not in this case, she was given a first preference over a South African woman.

I cry today because I am in a workplace that is full of biased people, Shame it is because they want promotions and they rather be lapdogs than to stand for truth.

I cry today because I am feeling the very same coldness Mama Felt during apartheid.

I cry today because after they recover this letter I am going to face abuse.

I cry today because I am oppressed in my Own Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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